Long Weekend? Time For A Road Trip!

So it’s the long weekend, eh? First one of the summer to boot! If you are one of the “cool kids”,  we hope you are. The weekend is already planned: you have bought your fireworks and your 2-4’s are chilling in the fridge in advance of the good times that are sure to come(fireworks and alcohol are not a great combination). Your bags are packed and you are ready to go to your friends cottage/camping/road trip/hunting/fishing/something else wickedly Canadian. You probably even have some road tunes loaded up for the drive.

What do you take on this momentous weekend? This is THE long weekend. This is the long weekend that signifies summer has finally arrived, that warm weather is going to stay! Tans will be had and lakes/pools/ponds/watering holes will be jumped into. The long weekend to kick off long weekends deserves a chariot of epic proportions.

The classic:

Moms station wagon, preferably with wood paneling and the rear facing “backy-back” seats.

Pros: you can pretty much guarantee that it will not break down and will provide supreme comfort for you and your passengers. They can seat 9 and swallow all your luggage. Wood paneling.

Cons: Will drink approximately the same amount of fuel as an oil tanker at full speed that is going into a hurricane. Hope you like AM radio. Air conditioning? You mean rolling down the windows, right?

The modern take:

Minivans are great vehicles. They are ubiquitous on our byways and highways thanks to their relatively cheap price, modern conveniences and decent fuel economy.  Features like built in refrigerators, multiple T.V’s and 56 cup holders are not uncommon on these beasts.

Pros: I just mentioned them…. see above.

Cons: if you have 7 or 8 passengers you may not be able to take all of the gear inside the car, strapping stuff to the roof is nerve racking on the highway (We love that person who is holding down luggage strapped to the roof with there arm, while doing 120 in the fast lane, we just don’t to be behind them). Minivans are also sometimes seen as “uncool” or “mom why can’t we have a convertible?!”

The selfish person:

“Since we are all going to the same cottage this weekend why don’t we carpool?” Your response:  “sorry I will be getting out of the office late on Friday, I will meet you up there.” This is a brilliant ploy to ensure that you can drive your sports car…. You’re not getting out late on a Friday! It’s a long weekend!

Pros: You pick the music, you drive the speed you want and you get to choose when and where you stop. You want to take the back roads instead of the congested highways so you can carve corners? no problem.

Cons: you get to the cottage and feel alienated because you missed all the funny jokes and amusing stories on the way up. Nobody to split gas with but yourself. You were “that guy in the sports car” who was weaving in and out of traffic.

The hard-core:

So you and your friends decide to borrow your uncle’s 15 year old camper and hit the campgrounds. This is great because you don’t need to unpack your tent! This is going to be an epic weekend!!!!!

Pros: you are all traveling in the same vehicle and you can take everything with you, including the kitchen sink! You can cook while driving!

Cons: you get to the beer store and realize you can’t park. You are cruising comfortably at 90 because the cross wind is threatening to tip you over. It has not been cleaned in 15 years…. The toilet just broke.

These are tough choices. No matter what your long weekend brings you we would like to wish you a happy May 2-4 / happy birthday Queen Victoria. From all of us at Auto|One,