when a car becomes part of your body, mind and soul

I had one of those strange moments today that only a car nut would understand. I was feeling truly at home in the car: not comfortable, rather, like the car I was driving was an extension of my body. It would do what it was told, go where it was told and innately know how to do it. The car was reading my mind.

Let’s start from the beginning…

I should tell you that I fancy myself an old-school guy when it comes to cars. I like American cars, manual transmissions and carburetors. Here’s a list of my list of prerequisites: ABS, airbags, heated seats, sunroofs – and once even heat – take a backseat to rear wheel drive, V8 torque and loud exhaust. I am the guy who thought it was a good idea to buy a 25-year old Volvo with a Ford V8. I am also the guy who drives a 1959 Oldsmobile with no seatbelts and a sharp, pointy metal dash in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway with no regard to safety.  I’m weird with the cars….little things excite me.

Auto|One Group recently came across a 2003 BMW M3. It is the old E46 M3, with the smooth inline 6 cylinders producing a factory 333 horsepower. It’s rear wheel drive, has custom exhaust and intake and is in fairly good shape. I thought I would take it for a couple of days and see what I thought. I probably should have mentioned earlier that my current lease just expired and the Volvo is about as predictable as a rhinoceros strung out on crack so, yeah, I needed a car.

The M3 is rear wheel drive, has custom exhaust, wicked handling and is decently quick. The problem was the transmission. This BMW has the SMG transmission – the automated manual. No clutch pedal, just paddles behind the steering wheel. I drove the car for a couple of days and brought it back to work, disgusted with the performance of the car. I want a manual transmission! This thing suck: its clunky, not intuitive and an automatic!!! I was especially upset because the chassis was so willing to cooperate with my dirty automotive mind. In fact, three different people all told me that the M3 is impossible to get sideways in a corner – have I mentioned I love a challenge? I was really bummed out about this transmission.

My co-worker, quite smartly told me “You’re an absolute schmuck – the SMG is great”. This co-worker knows A LOT about cars and I really respect his opinion on them. He says he can never get an M3 because he will get in too much trouble with it. That is a bold statement. I just couldn’t figure this new technology out. Of course, I did the only logical thing and blamed the car (it is easy to blame things that can’t defend themselves).

My co-worker took me for a ride in the M3 one day and showed me how it is supposed to be driven. It was like being in a different car altogether. I actually felt bad for the M3 and how I was driving it prior to my tutorial. The car instantly went from “beast” to “beauty”.

Last week, I was getting on a highway after a long day at work. It was dark, the roads were lightly travelled but there were still some cars. I got on the highway, powering through the apex of the on-ramp. Then I accelerated past some slower moving vehicles and dodged a few transport trucks. Then I seamlessly slid into the express lanes… I didn’t realize that I had done any of this until I was buzzing along in said express lanes. I wasn’t tired, fatigued or racing. The car was simply intuiting where to go. I must have shifted two dozen times and modulated the gas and brake countless more. It felt so natural and so “right” – it didn’t even register. It was almost eerie…

Maybe I’m not the old-school rough-and-tumble car guy I once was. Maybe my M3 has shown me the light of new technology and the fine subtleties of effortless driving.

Ford Verses Chevy who wins?

Let’s talk about rivalries. Sports teams have them, siblings have them, gangs have them and companies have them. Aside from the Montreal Canadians being a terrible team  – go, Leafs, go – nothing is better than a good old rival between two car companies over competing products.

A rivalry pushes both manufactures to bring out a more fuel efficient, safer, faster, quieter, cheaper and pretty well everything else that ends in “er” in a bid to dominate the competition. What does this mean for you, Mr. and Mrs. Customer? Well, you can stuff all those “er’s” in your back pocket and smile. We are going to focus on two companies who are constantly at each other’s throats: Chevy and Ford.

I saw two cars parked next to each other today that epitomize this rivalry, and it inspired this article. I was going to write about the ultimate gifts for the car lover on your holiday list, but I refuse to accept the holiday season before December first. I also refuse to spend any amount of time in a place that plays Christmas jingles, serves eggnog or has ugly Christmas sweaters… I will save that rant for another time.

Camaro vs. Mustang:

The American dream in vehicle form, presented in the form of a vehicle.  Cheap V8-power, rear-wheel drive, 2-door coupe and convertible. These cars can lay down some serious rubber and belch a fantastic sound with some minor exhaust work.

The winner:  While the Camaro went on a hiatus in 2002 and came back with a vengeance several years ago, the Mustang wins because it invented the “personal sports car” market and has never gone out of production.

Chevy Silverado vs. Ford F-150:

We like our pickup trucks BIG, powerful and comfortable, with lots of towing and payload capacity. Nothing says I’m a manly-man quite like a shiny grille at eye level, big meaty tires and a side profile bigger than most barn doors.

The winner: Ford F-150 has been the best-selling pickup truck in America since TV’s were black and white….seriously.

Chevy Blazer vs. Ford Bronco:

Who makes the better full-size, 2-door convertible 4X4? This market segment is distinctly American. Yes, I would like a massive truck and, no I do not need a pickup box, but could you cut the roof off for me? After we finished with them as daily drivers, snow plowers would buy them for their bulletproof drivetrains and tight turning circles.

The winner: Ford Bronco because in 1992, O.J. Simpson drove on down the highway while we all watched, stunned.

Cadillac vs. Lincoln:

This is Classic American Luxury at its finest. From interiors that looked like they came out of a porno shoot (both Cadillac and Lincoln were guilty of this from 1969-1992)to trunks that could swallow a medium-sized sow (a guy in my dad’s hometown actually hauled a pig in the trunk of his Lincoln).

Winner: Cadillac by a Texas mile. Lincoln is a shadow of its former self. All of their products are merely Ford vehicles with ritzy interiors and updated exteriors. The Cadillac Escalade continues to dominate the luxury SUV market and the CTS-V is one of the best performing sedans on the market.

All said, two great American car companies both competing for the same thing: to be in your driveway. See, stop fighting your sibling for extra dessert or the t.v. remote. The rivalries between auto manufactures are way better, and nobody gets a time out!

2015 Chevy Colorado

This week is the LA auto show. This is where industry bigwigs get together and unveil new products that will make it into showrooms in the coming months and years. One of the most important new vehicles is the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. Their mid-size pickup that was put on hiatus a couple of years ago is finally back! Anyone who knows me knows 2 things: I love cats and I love pickup trucks (a weird combination, I know). The new Chevy Colorado is possibly the most important North American/North American market vehicle of the past couple of years, this is why:

1)      Pickup trucks are the big profit generators for manufacturers. Typically the largest amount of profit found in a segment is the pickup truck segment. This is a good thing for GM since they produce lots of full-size/heavy duty/medium duty trucks but not a compact/midsize pickup. Ford stopped producing the compact Ranger and Dodge cancelled the midsize Dakota a couple of years ago.

2)      Pickup trucks are very popular in the United States. How popular? In a list of the top 10 most popular vehicles sold today the Ford F-150 was #1, the Chevy/GM duo was #2 and the Dodge Ram was #7. So the good ol’ USA likes trucks… What about Canada? Ford F series is #1 in the land of maple syrup. The Dodge Ram is right behind it and the Chevy/GM twins are #6. We love our trucks! they are versatile, large, rugged and if your kids won’t stop screaming you can make them sit in the penalty box (pickup bed).

3)      Around the time that phones became “smart” the pickup truck saw an onslaught of buyers who wanted to use a pickup truck as a personal vehicle. This is why we we started seeing ultra-premium pickup trucks and crew cab pickups replace bare bones workhorses. Don’t believe me? do a quick search of your local listings and see how many trucks available have leather, heated seats, sunroof, navigation, etc…. This is a new market segment within a segment for truck manufactures. Essentially they can appeal to the everyday work truck buyer, the weekend warrior who will fill the truck bed on the weekend, and the glitzy urban cowboy who will rarely use the space behind the cab.

This is all good news for Chevy and frankly I am shocked that it has taken so much time for one of the big 3 to bring back out a viable pickup option that is not a full-size. Yeah, Toyota and Nissan sells midsize pickup trucks but their offerings have never been as well received as the American choices. They are great vehicles but are expensive and red-blooded Americans (and Canadians) would rather drive more for their money it seems. What is most interesting about this is that traditionally American truck buyers have bought the largest vehicles they could afford. Chevy is hedging a bet that these buyers are willing to trade in the extra cylinders and heft of a full size pickup for a midsize in the name of smaller size, and most importantly better fuel economy. This is a big step for GM. If it is successful you can bet that Both Dodge and Ford will jump back into the market shortly. They are attacking the North American truck buyers psyche. “Yes you can have your American pickup truck, no it does not need to be so big it gets its own postal code”. We already know that the small independent contractor who does not need a massive truck will buy these. The small size and better fuel economy will attract them. Chevy hopes that weekend warriors will be happier with the improved fuel economy and not having the stigma of driving something called a “Larime Longhorn 1500 4X4 Hemi” to the office on Monday morning. They are hoping that the glitzy truck driver has woken up and smelt the gas bills. Chevy is hoping that they to will go for something a little smaller if it means better fuel economy and that it can fit in a parking lot.

 Oh and did I mention that the new Colorado is going to be offered with a diesel?! Yep. Wicked fuel economy and towing ability are standard. Not since the Bush Sr. administration have you been able to get a compact or midsize pickup truck in diesel and the offerings were puny at best. This, ladies and gentleman, will be a game changer. Stay tuned for an interesting truck battle between Chevy and whoever else decides to drive into the midsize truck ring.

In closing, are we ready to “downsize” our rigs? are we ready to trade in massive payloads for better fuel economy? Will we choose a more compact size and versatile truck over a massive highway cruiser? Chevy seems to think so, I don’t disagree. I am pre-ordering a 4X4 extended cab in black, I just need to figure out the manliest way to secure my cat carrier into the pickup bed.

Winter Warriors

Let me paint you a scenario: Your into cars. No, no, you LOVE cars. Speed, handling, exhilarating exhaust notes, attacking corners, the list of what drives your passion goes on and on. You live in the excellent northern realms that we call Canada. You only have room for one car and it needs to handle our northern climate. This is a dilemma.  Your automotive compass is compromised. Do you get something that is going to appeal to your right foot and take the bus in the winter? Do you know how unpleasant an overcrowded city bus is in the winter? All those warm bodies in massive jackets jammed together, all the slush on the floor of the bus ruining your shoes. Foggy windows, foggy glasses?!?! Not pleasant. Having to wait outside for a bus in the freezing cold… Avoid at all costs!

What you need is the Canadian hybrid sports car. Nothing green about this car. You need a sports car that is great in winter. Yes they exist. 2 door and 4 door and even some wagons!

Audi S4/S5/RS5

Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel drive system is one of the best all-wheel drive systems. Audi starting making all their cars available in all wheel drive during the 1980’s and it has been synonymous with the brand ever since. Weather you need 2 doors or 4 Audi has your back. The S4 is the responsible choice with seating for 5 and 4 exits. The RS5 is the car your inner car nut wants to get with explosive power, 2 escape hatches (doors) and ridiculous handling. When the RS5 is done melting snow it will turn phenomenal laps at your local track.

Subaru WRX STI

The Legend from Fuji Heavy Industries lives! Subaru’s all-wheel drive system is so good that it can modulate 100% of the power to one wheel. This means you have to try really, really hard to get the rally legend stuck. With room for 5 this is a no-nonsense stripped out fan boy race car. These cars have a cult following and have the performance to back them up. For cold weather fun accept no substitute to a turbo flat 4 cylinder.

 this is Ken Block launching his Subaru off a snowboard jump….with snowboarders….

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

From the company that brought you household air conditioners is this gem. The lancer follows a similar recipe as the Subaru: take a 4 door economy car, add all wheel drive, turbo’s great suspension and breaking and take it to the track! While the lancer evolution is great in the snow, it really shines on the track. They are less of an off-road rally car and more of a track car but you will never know the difference. You will be having too much fun sliding through corners.

Mercedes E63 4matic

For those of you that don’t know the AMG E class is now all wheel drive. We are all mourning the death of the 200 foot Smokey burnouts they provided at will. We are however, welcoming the fact that these torque monsters can now be driven in the winter. Available in sedan and wagon (with amazing rear-facing seats for the kiddies) these cars will get you to the chalet faster and in more comfort than anything else on this list. If you have a family and need something with some space and comfort. This is your best bet.

Lamborghini Gallardo

So you have deep pockets eh? You want something REALLY fast eh? This might be your best bet. I know, Italian exotic cars are not good winter cars but since the fruitful interracial marriage with Volkswagen, Lamborghini has gained access to Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive. the result is this: 550 plus horsepower V-10 driving all 4 wheels, a body that is largely carbon fiber, aluminum and other high end materials. Mr. Snowman will never know what hit him.

Goes to show that there are cars to fit all budgets and needs for one season or all 4. Go drift some winter roads and have fun! As always, we have a range of winter prep packages and tire packages custom suited to your vehicle and your needs.


Auto|One Group was clinking beer steins to traditional Bavarian music on Thursday night! We hosted our Oktoberfest event to unveil the renovation of our new showroom space and celebrate with customers, family, friends and colleagues alike. Over 200 guests came from all over the lower mainland to enjoy some traditional German food & drink, live Bavarian music and exotic German cars.


Did you know that the first Oktoberfest was held in Munich, Germany in 1810 to honour the royal marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig?  These days, Bavarian festivals are held outside of Germany all over the world when the crisp days of Autumn arrive. 

Through raffle ticket sales, the Auto|One Group supported and managed to proudly raise $3,000 for the Sunshine Foundation of Canada (www.sunshine.ca).  This foundation makes dreams come true for kids with physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. 


Our newly renovated back showroom became a Bavarian music hall with some amusement activities to boot.  Believe it or not, we had a full race course set-up – remote control cars of course.  There was a photo booth and a Hammer Striker activity where guests could show their strength.  The band was truly authentic as the sounds of an Accordion and Alpenhorn filled the space.

The front showroom was transformed into an Oktoberfest beer tent that housed a 2009 Audi R8 and a 2012 Mercedes SLS Roadster.    Raffle prizes and Oktoberfest Souvenirs were also on display here.  Congratulations to all the winners!  Prizes from full vehicle details to a 50” Flat Screen Entertainment package were won with all ticket sale proceeds being donated.


We would like to thank all of the guests for coming out to celebrate Oktoberfest with Auto|One.  We would also like to thank those guests for generously donating to the Sunshine Foundation Cause.  Prost!



The AUTO|ONE Group invites you to celebrate the opening of our new showroom. It promises to be a fun evening featuring fine cars, German beer & wine, traditional German food from the Alpen Club, live Oom-Pah Band and some other surprise activities. Lederhosen & Dirndl Optional!

Thursday, Oktober 24, 2013
6:00 to 10:00 pm
8555 Cambie Street, Vancouver

We are located just steps away from the Marine Drive Skytrain station on the Canada Line.
Complimentary valet parking will be provided.



A Pair of Lower Bowl Vancouver Canucks Tickets
Mercedes Pedal Car for Kids
Richmond TBC Formula 1 Racing Package for 4
50″ Television Home Theatre System
Sony PlayStation 4 Bundle
Ultimate Detailing Package Retail Value of $400 (3 available)

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the SUNSHINE FOUNDATION.
Please email us here to RSVP events@autoone.ca
or call Erich 604.636.1888 x116

Friends and family are welcome, please identify the number of guests in your RSVP.


Brighton Speedway. A unique approach to racing

I got a phone call from one of my best friends the other week that went something like this: “hey Sam, a bunch of us are going to Brighton Speedway next weekend for some races, you should come” Oh Brighton, The epicenter of back country motor sports and ridiculous racing ideas. My response was something along the lines of “I will see if I can make it out, it’s a bit of a hike from Toronto and I’m not sure if the wife will appreciate the country “culture” that is a day of racing in Brighton.” All I really wanted to do was sit on the couch and catch up on T.V.-Then my friend told my there would be a school bus race. It took all of 2 seconds for me to confirm that I was going to the race. Let me explain what was involved in a day of racing at the Brighton Speed way. We will only focus on a couple of these races because I have been told that my blogs are too long and bla, bla, bla…


1)       endurance races: Picture 64 cars racing around a tight, dirt oval track with high banks in the corners. The cars race in three heats. The top place finishers get to move on to the final event- the demolition derby. The cars that race these are “race prepped” and by that I mean they have no glass or lights and crummy paint jobs done with a spray paint can or paint brush. I will summarize an endurance race like this: picture everyone racing around a track in cars that are not fit for the road. Now picture them intentionally hitting each other and trying to knock each other off the track. You have to be pretty fearless to win one of these events. The winner was 16 years old and had clearly not yet felt the sting of aching bones the next day.


2)      Trailer race: This pretty much the exact same thing as an endurance race except everyone has to have a trailer on the back of their vehicle. The trailer is still considered a trailer as long as the tongue is attached up to the car. These trailers are hooked up to cars destined for the demolition derby so scratching the paint is okay. In fact there are extra laps added on to drivers that don’t trade pant. The object is to try to take out your opponent and their trailer. OH THE HUMANITY! These trailers are all in varying states of decay and most have been loaded up with garbage and unwanted household furniture. This is done to try and destroy the tires on the car behind it and make the track that much more dangerous. The old a-barbecue-is-going-to-fall-out-of-the-back-of-my-trailer-and-onto-your-hood trick is the most advanced maneuver in Motorsports racing today.


3)      Vehicle long jump: This is an open class for anyone to partake in. It is also the single largest business producer for the local chiropractic clinic. Contestants take their post endurance cars but pre-demolition derby cars and launch them off a 2 and a half-foot ramp to see how much air they can get. No landing strip, just dirt, flat hard-packed dirt. The winner is the person who jumps the furthest. I think I saw one contestant cough up a vertebrae in a Buick Century. On a side note, the sound these cars make when they land is somewhere between the dull thud of dropping a bowling ball on wood and running over a tin can.


4)      School bus race: OH. MY. GOD! I was expecting short buses. I got full-sized old school International, Ford and G.M.’s! The majority of them  run big block American motors. The buses that run the original diesel mills puff out thick black smoke. These buses are unbelievable. If you have never seen cheese-wagons smash into each other while trying to negotiate a tight, angled turn on a dirt track you have never lived. These guys are ruthless. And it shows. Buses went off the track, spun out and crashed. These are 70 foot logs rolling around they are loud, top-heavy and unstable. They have so much real-estate on top of the old school ladder frames that you can aim to hit. The track is not that wide or accommodating in corners, So much contact happens between these buses. You would could almost relate it to watching whales engage in a pre-mating ritual. If you get the chance, go see a bus race it will make you reevaluate your priorities.


5)      Demolition derby: This was the main event and it devided into compact cars and full size cars. The cars are placed in a small area bounded by concrete blocks. What ensues when the checkered flag goes up is madness! Everyone try’s to eliminate everyone else’s car by smashing into it. I spoke with a seasoned demolition derby veteran and he explained that there are 2 ways to win a derby. To win the compact class (the majority of these cars are front engine front wheel drive) you have to smash the front of another car with the back of yours. Essentially you want to inflict as much damage as possible to the front of your opponent’s car (so you can disable the engine) without exposing the front of your car to damage. The full-sized class is the opposite. Most of them are front engine rear wheel drive cars. These full-sized cars are generally pre-crash protection era cars so the front ends are bullet proof. The best bet is to back into the rear side of the other car so you can take out the rear axle and render the car immobile. Most of these full-sized cars have rear ends larger than a 2 bedroom condo in Toronto so there is lots of metal to cushion the blow.  after seeing the carnage unfold I am 100% positive that we should be promoting this event to people with anger management issues. This would not only allow them to take out anger. It would reward those who are most aggressive.


*no animals were hurt in the making of this blog, however approximately 70 cars, 6 trailers and 9 buses were destroyed*


AUTO ONE Leasing took part in the nation’s finest two day outdoor showing of Luxury & Supercars on a September weekend.  This event offered a unique up-close and personal opportunity to view some of the world’s most important examples of automotive achievements.


Automotive enthusiasts of rare luxury supercars, vintage collectibles, electric/hybrid and concept cars got the chance to view these fine specimens all in one outdoor place.  The event took place on the manicured great lawn of the Van Dusen Botanical Garden, offering the perfect backdrop.   This show is one of the most anticipated automotive, lifestyle and fashion events on the Metro-Vancouver social calendar. 



Our booth featured a taste of both the classic & modern automotive lifestyle having a 1965 AC Cobra as well as a 2012 Fisker Karma Electric car on display.  The weather was looking undecided at one point but thankfully turned out to be a beautiful day.  We had many clients and friends come visit our booth and rest their feet in our lounge, thanks to the effort of Medina Design Group (www.medinadesigngroup.ca) .  A big Congratulations also goes out to Nico M who won our draw for a free Ultimate Detail!


The two most expensive cars at the show were bar none the Pagani Huayra and the Bugatti Veyron.


The 1989 Porsche 911 Rothmans rally car was so authentic that instructions were to NOT wash it so as to keep its road worn rally look for display.  There was an attention getting Aston Martin Vanquish replicated with machine guns, front missile rack and a champagne cooler glove box from the Bond movie “Die Another Day”.

All in all, it was a spectacular weekend for to see luxury & super cars.  You can check out a video of the show at the following link: http://vimeo.com/75838496#


Auto|One Group was locked and loaded on Wednesday night! We had our 50 years of James Bond and Porsche event and it was amazing. Our previous event, the 1950’S and 1960’S theme was blown out of the water by Wednesday nights event. We had well over 400 guests celebrate all things Porsche and Bond with us. People came from all over to enjoy our eclectic mix of vehicles, costumes, food, live music, drink and entertainment.


Through the help of a charity casino, live auction and silent auction we were able to raise more than $10,000.00 to help the Mikey Network. For those of you who don’t know (and you should know if you read our blogs!) the Mikey network is a truly fantastic charity. They donate automatic external defibrillators to various businesses and public facilities and provide the necessary training on how to use them. Our guests graciously opened their hearts and wallets when bidding and we could not be happier with the amount that people bid/bet/volunteered towards this epic cause.


In honor of the night we had an entire room transformed into a casino for the night. In it were two Aston Martins, our custom Mercedes C class and We threw in a Ferrari F430 for good measure. of course we focus on the cars first! We also had 3 poker tables, 2 blackjack tables and a roulette table. There was even a martini station complete with a custom 007 inspired Auto|One ice sculpture that poured out drinks.


In the main room we had a Lotus Esprit V8, Land Rover Defender, Porsche 928 race car, Porsche 930 turbo, Porsche 997 C4S, Ferrari 328, Porsche 964 and an immaculate original Amphicar! We also had the band setup, beer and wine station, ice wine from Vice winery and the 50 plus silent auction items.


We would like to thank all of the guests again for coming out to celebrate 50 years of bond and Porsche. We would also like to thank those guests for generously donating to the Mike Network cause. 


Auto|One sneak peak at prizes for next weeks event

Many of you have been wondering what to expect for our James Bond event that is taking place next Wednesday October 2nd. We at Auto|One love surprises but hate waiting for them. We were definitely the people who peaked at what was under the Christmas tree the night before. We will provide a brief rundown of what is up for grabs! This is a partial selection, we do not have the time or space to list all prizes.


We will have some lovely ladies hosting our own Casino Royale, complete with poker, blackjack and roulette with all proceeds will be going to charity. Whoever has the most chips at the end of the night will go home with our Sony home theater package. The package includes a deluxe TV stand that will support the massive 50” Sony 3D LED TV, home surround system with subwoofer, Playstation 3 Bundle and every James Bond movie that has been produced. We have a feeling that people will be doubling down in an effort to get more chips!



lots of 007 posters both current and classic


There will be a live auction for some of our larger lots. Available to be won are a Porsche pedal car for the little tyke in your life. A Ferrari electric go cart will be available for your not-so-little tyke.  When you are done spending money on the little tykes you can spend money on yourself. We will also be auctioning off racing chairs, these are the chairs that adorn our showroom, everyone loves them.  We also have a set of Lamborghini rims that have been converted into a coffee table, it looks awesome. It too will be auctioned off.


rare bond memorabilia will be offered at silent auction


The silent auction will have too many prizes to mention! Books from the original Ian Fleming series, this is the man who created James Bond. Movie posters from every James Bond movie will be available for bidding pleasure. We have also procured a collection of Vintage James Bond paraphernalia. This includes classic games, books, trading cards, posters and toys. There will be a Porsche golf package (bag, towel, golf balls) just add your clubs! A Porsche cigar cutter and torch will be available for all the cigar aficionados. Remote control 911 GT3’s are almost as fun as the real thing, we have tested it to be sure, you can bid on it to find out for yourself!


lots of stuff for the Porsche lover 

This event is going to be a blast! We have so much stuff to bid on that we could not mention it in this blog. All proceeds from this are going to the Mikey Network. We want everyone to come help us celebrate all things James Bond, the important work that Mikey Network does and check out some sweet Porsche’s.


See you Wednesday we are going to have a great time!