Spring Cleanup For The Metal In Your Life

It is that time of year again. The Blue Jays just had their season opener. The Leafs are making a final fight for a playoff position and spring season is wrapping up. What does this mean to us at Auto|One Palladini- the lovers of all vehicles great and small? SPRING!!!

This is the time of year when all our hard work starts to pay off. By hard work we are of course referring to the agonizing winter months of sitting in our summer cars and pretending that we are driving. Whether you imagine yourself attacking a race track like Louis Hamilton or maybe you and a lucky co-pilot were cruising some back country roads on a pristine summer morning with no traffic. You probably did it after dinner and on the weekend. Perhaps your summer car shares a bedroom garage with your daily driver and you happen to glance over at it while getting into the daily driver every morning. All it takes is that split second of imagination between when you get into the daily drive and when you close the door to imagine a heal-toe downshift through a corner on a deserted stretch of road. Don’t pretend you didn’t do it. It is nothing to be ashamed of it is completely natural.

This time of year is a cause for celebration that we survived another winter! Celebrate by bringing Auto|One Palladini your cherished ride for a pre-season wash and wax. Our experts will lovingly clean and massage even the most minute and hard to reach surface on your chariot of metal. Making it feel pampered and loved (you owe it that much after cheating on it with your daily driver all those months). Our detailing staff is the best around. If you want to see for yourself come and see the condition of our inventory. Interior, exterior, rims and tires, trunk and engine bay they get the job done quickly, efficiently and the job they perform is astounding. We have an a la cart menu of options to choose from. You may also want to have us take all the winter grime and salt off your daily driver. Not a problem, we will show your daily driver the same level of love and attention as your weekend chariot.


Spring also represents something new. Change is often in the air. Perhaps you did too many hot laps last season and you need to get new tires? Maybe your car needs to scream just a bit louder? Whatever the case our car bar is your last stop for all the tires and performance parts you need. Why not let Auto|One Palladini source and install the aftermarket options you want? We can help you pick and choose what the best options for you are contact our Car Bar at 416-479-4400 EXT 117

Auto|One Palladini, home of the car people who “get it” (we may or may not have spent time sitting in the showroom doing what you did in the garage).