Auto|One Group was locked and loaded on Wednesday night! We had our 50 years of James Bond and Porsche event and it was amazing. Our previous event, the 1950’S and 1960’S theme was blown out of the water by Wednesday nights event. We had well over 400 guests celebrate all things Porsche and Bond with us. People came from all over to enjoy our eclectic mix of vehicles, costumes, food, live music, drink and entertainment.


Through the help of a charity casino, live auction and silent auction we were able to raise more than $10,000.00 to help the Mikey Network. For those of you who don’t know (and you should know if you read our blogs!) the Mikey network is a truly fantastic charity. They donate automatic external defibrillators to various businesses and public facilities and provide the necessary training on how to use them. Our guests graciously opened their hearts and wallets when bidding and we could not be happier with the amount that people bid/bet/volunteered towards this epic cause.


In honor of the night we had an entire room transformed into a casino for the night. In it were two Aston Martins, our custom Mercedes C class and We threw in a Ferrari F430 for good measure. of course we focus on the cars first! We also had 3 poker tables, 2 blackjack tables and a roulette table. There was even a martini station complete with a custom 007 inspired Auto|One ice sculpture that poured out drinks.


In the main room we had a Lotus Esprit V8, Land Rover Defender, Porsche 928 race car, Porsche 930 turbo, Porsche 997 C4S, Ferrari 328, Porsche 964 and an immaculate original Amphicar! We also had the band setup, beer and wine station, ice wine from Vice winery and the 50 plus silent auction items.


We would like to thank all of the guests again for coming out to celebrate 50 years of bond and Porsche. We would also like to thank those guests for generously donating to the Mike Network cause. 


Auto|One sneak peak at prizes for next weeks event

Many of you have been wondering what to expect for our James Bond event that is taking place next Wednesday October 2nd. We at Auto|One love surprises but hate waiting for them. We were definitely the people who peaked at what was under the Christmas tree the night before. We will provide a brief rundown of what is up for grabs! This is a partial selection, we do not have the time or space to list all prizes.


We will have some lovely ladies hosting our own Casino Royale, complete with poker, blackjack and roulette with all proceeds will be going to charity. Whoever has the most chips at the end of the night will go home with our Sony home theater package. The package includes a deluxe TV stand that will support the massive 50” Sony 3D LED TV, home surround system with subwoofer, Playstation 3 Bundle and every James Bond movie that has been produced. We have a feeling that people will be doubling down in an effort to get more chips!



lots of 007 posters both current and classic


There will be a live auction for some of our larger lots. Available to be won are a Porsche pedal car for the little tyke in your life. A Ferrari electric go cart will be available for your not-so-little tyke.  When you are done spending money on the little tykes you can spend money on yourself. We will also be auctioning off racing chairs, these are the chairs that adorn our showroom, everyone loves them.  We also have a set of Lamborghini rims that have been converted into a coffee table, it looks awesome. It too will be auctioned off.


rare bond memorabilia will be offered at silent auction


The silent auction will have too many prizes to mention! Books from the original Ian Fleming series, this is the man who created James Bond. Movie posters from every James Bond movie will be available for bidding pleasure. We have also procured a collection of Vintage James Bond paraphernalia. This includes classic games, books, trading cards, posters and toys. There will be a Porsche golf package (bag, towel, golf balls) just add your clubs! A Porsche cigar cutter and torch will be available for all the cigar aficionados. Remote control 911 GT3’s are almost as fun as the real thing, we have tested it to be sure, you can bid on it to find out for yourself!


lots of stuff for the Porsche lover 

This event is going to be a blast! We have so much stuff to bid on that we could not mention it in this blog. All proceeds from this are going to the Mikey Network. We want everyone to come help us celebrate all things James Bond, the important work that Mikey Network does and check out some sweet Porsche’s.


See you Wednesday we are going to have a great time!

Auto|One is ready to party! are you?

The name’s Bond… James Bond… Auto|One Group is throwing another party! This time we are celebrating the first 50 years of James Bond. We will be doing this with our good friends at Provinz Porsche Club.


The James Bond franchise has been synonymous with cool cars, femme fatales wicked gadgets, casinos and espionage. At Auto|One Group we love all of these things as well. We wanted to incorporate as many of these things into the event as possible. James bond has always been inclusive (of his women at least) we wanted to be inclusive of our lovely ladies as well- by this we mean cars of course.

In typical Auto|One Group fashion this event will have several cars on display, Some Porsches from Provinz Porsche club, some Aston Martins, odd ball period pieces and even some lesser known bond cars. There will be vehicles for all tastes both allied and villains will have representation. Same goes for the Women, Casino, drinks and prize packs you can bid on.

Speaking of prize packs we will have an auction for some pretty awesome prizes. The laser that can actually split a man in a tuxedo in half? We got it. The secret lair from the movie Octopussy? It is drying out in the wash bay as we write this. The original DB5 that James Bond first drove? We are testing the passenger eject seat….. okay… so we don’t have that stuff. Mainly because it does not exist and not due to a lack of trying.  We will have some great prize packs that you will love- no foolin! Classic Bond memorabilia, film posters and such. There will also be some great stuff for the Porsche lover in your life. Whether you appreciate the original air cooled 911 Porsches or the latter speed daemons there will be swag to bid on and win that you are sure to love.

This event promises to be a great night and all proceeds will be donated to the Mikey Network for cardiac awareness. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a great charity that helps distribute Automatic External Defibrillators and provides training on how to use them. We have one at our office and are big supporters of the cause. This is literally life saving work that happens as a result of Mikey Networks actions. To find out more about this fantastic charity you can visit this link: http://mikeynetwork.com/


Please feel free to come by our showroom for a great time, great food, Martinis and maybe some fun casino royal style. We are located at 150 Oakdale Road, Toronto. Please RSVP: info@autoonegroup.ca by Wednesday September 25th.


007’s Other Rides

I was sitting in our 2007 Aston Martin last night at work. Alone, with the lights appropriately dimmed after a long day at work. I did what anyone who slips into the leather- and wood-wrapped interior of an Aston Martin must do: I pretended to be James Bond. Albeit a slightly heavier set, disheveled James Bond with much less charm, to be honest.

Aston martin is synonymous with James Bond. The franchise has been intertwined (for the most part) for the past 50 years. Both are regal, sophisticated, dangerous and mysterious…and both wear their British heritage on their sleeves. I thought to myself: there must be other Bond cars. Lesser known cars. Unloved Bond cars. Bond can’t drive amazing cars all the time, he needs to show some respect to the taxpayers! Lets show some love to the lesser known Bond cars.

Car: 1962 Sunbeam Alpine

Movie: Dr. No

In the movie Dr. No (same name I called my dad when he would not let me do anything fun), James Bond drove this 1.6-liter 4-cylinder British sports car. Eighty horsepower, 2200 pounds of torque, top speed of 160 kmph, 0-60 mph in 13.4 seconds – respectable numbers. Small and nimble, these cars were successful race cars on both sides of the pond. Apparently, they used it because it was the only British sports car available during filming. Unfortunately, Sunbeam went through some hard times, was bought by Chrysler and saw its brand diluted to sad and offensive cars. RIP Sunbeam.

Car: 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7

Movie: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

This is what James Bond would drive if he were American. Its just as sporty as its Ford Mustang sibling, but more luxurious, mature and refined. Powered by a massive 7-litre, 8-cylinder engine, these cars were great for burnouts, loud noise and sketchy cornering. Imagine having a boat-anchor weight between your front wheels. These were built during the time where engineering a motor meant you needed to make it larger to go faster. If James Bond was American and Corvettes were scarce, this is the car he would drive. Mercury is also no longer with us because Ford went upscale and Lincoln got cheaper… paving the way for Mercury to throw in the towel.

Car: 1974 AMC Hornet

Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun

The 1970’s are widely regarded as the dark ages of the automotive industry. Oil embargo’s, recessions, 5 m.p.h bumpers, pollution control and people starting to notice shoddy quality all contributed to amazing cars getting neutered or snuffed out altogether. American Motors struck the deal with the filming company as part of a product placement program: “James Bond drives an AMC, so should you!” It really turned out to be, ”James Bond Drives an AMC, sucks to be him!” Like I said, these cars were not all bad, just a victim of current affairs. Ultimately, AMC survived another 13 years largely on the laurels of the Jeep brand. Chrysler bought them from Jeep, and folded the AMC.

Car: Citroen 2cv

Movie: For Your Eyes Only

Easily the car with the most character on this list, also my favorite. This was one of the longest production runs of any car 1948-1990. This car has existed in the same escargot form for 42 years and managed to still be relevant. The best part? The 2cv never made more than 29 horsepower. The 2cv has been used all over the world and was especially popular in Africa and South America where its solid build and comfortable handling was suited to rough roads in developing counties. Bonus marks for having a box style 2 cylinder engine that is air cooled. James Bond loves unique engines of all sizes! Citroen is still doing battle in Europe. They are doing quite well in there home market but the European economy has had its impact on everyone.

And there you have it. A brief history of the lesser-known bond cars as explained by a car enthusiast.