Mikey Walk Of Life

Auto|One Group is proud to help out in the community. This weekend we will be taking part in the annual Mikey Walk for Life charity walk in support of the Mikey Network.


The Mikey Network was created in 2003 after Mike Salem died of a tragic death of heart complications in 2002. Mike was a much loved member of the community and in his honor several people banded together to create the Mikey Network. They are dedicated to providing mobile Automatic External Defibrillator units to as many businesses, schools and households as possible. This is a great cause. Having the proper equipment and proper training could literally mean the difference between life and death. Since The Mikey Network has started countless lives have been saved and more people are getting on board with the program daily.

We have a sizeable group of Auto|One Group family and friends coming out to support us. Employees, family, children and even some 4 legged members of the team. To donate to this cause or learn more about the charity please visit: https://mikeynetwork.com/donate-to-mikey-network

Happy Mother’s Day

Auto|One Group would like to gently remind you that this Sunday is mother’s day. We repeat; THIS SUNDAY IS MOTHERS DAY, DON’T FORGET!! SHE BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD, SHE CAN DAMN WELL TAKE YOU OUT OF IT! Now that we have gently reminded you of your plans this weekend we can continue.

A little while ago I shared with you my experiences with my father and how it influenced/ fueled my passion for cars. I was gently reminded by my mother that she is also a gear head. She steered my upbringing but blames the results on my father. Allow me to present the necessary evidence.

Once upon a time in 1973 my parents needed a new car but dad was afraid to pull the trigger on something fun. He cited the oil crises, economy, resale value, shag rug values and everything else you could do to try and sway my mother into an economy car. My father wanted her to see a base model Ford Maverick 4 door sedan that he was interested in buying. It had an automatic transmission and something called the “thriftpower six”. It had green paint- not a very nice shade with cream coloured bumpers. This was the norm in the early 1970’s for a car trying to look good even though it was not. I think he told mom it had power windows as a selling feature.

Dad took mom to the dealership to see the car he had picked out. Mom saw what he was pointing at and said no way, end of story, back to the drawing board. On the way back home amidst an awkward silence they passed by a Datsun dealership. Mom saw a gorgeous sleek 2 door sports car sitting in the showroom and told my dad to pull in. She immediately fell in love with the 1973 Datsun 240Z in British racing green its long hood, sculpted roof line and short trunk. The price was about the same as the Ford Mavrick but the sporting heritage was undeniable. Automobile magazine called it one of the best cars of the 1970’s. They bought it on the spot.  Score one for mom!

Mom worked for the Victorian Order of Nurses during this period and was assigned to do house calls for people who could not leave the house. She happily drove this rear wheel drive manual transmission car year round while answering house call. Mom rarely got stuck (we will get into her winter driving skills later). This Datsun remained with the family lovingly until my parents moved to New York. The car was not allowed to travel to the big apple because during the late 1970’s cars had a shelf life of 7 seconds before they were stolen.

This car was replaced by a silver Datsun 280zx that mom instead have the turbo box ticked on the build sheet. This was mom’s car that she used to carpool with me. While everyone else was getting dropped off to school in wood panel station wagons (predating SUV’s and minivans) I would get dropped off in a Japanese turbocharged rear wheel drive manual transmission sports car with a T-top roof. Does this make my mom a cougar?… I hope not. Regardless she loved it and so did I.

For any mothers wondering how this worked out there, let me tell you that the pros far outweighed the cons. Let’s examine them:

Pros of carpooling in a sports car:

  • You can only take 3 children.
  • Children are limited in their ability to squirm around and cause trouble because there is no room to move.
  • Hockey practice for more than one child is out of the question. No room for more than one hockey bag
  • Whining children are met with downshifting and the spooling of a turbocharger.
  • No cup holders to put food and juice boxes in equals no eating or drinking in the car.

Cons of carpooling in a sports car:

  • Explaining to a child that if you come to a complete stop in snow you will never get the car moving again.
  • Having that child tell their mom that you don’t stop at stop signs and skid up and down hills.
  • Having that child’s mother call you and question your driving habits/ skills.

I should mention that my Mom has never had an accident. She reminds me of this a lot… I’m sure your mothers remind you of that or similar driving flaws that you have inherited as well. Your mother always has your best interests at heart. Happy Mother’s Day!

How I came to eat, live and breathe cars. By Sam Comisarow

I’m not sure when my addiction to cars started. Rumor has it that my first word was “car”. I could also apparently name most cars from the back seat of my parents 1984 Audi 5000 before I was potty trained. By age 5 I had planned out my life, in cars. I was going to have a Lamborghini Countach before I graduated university…. Life is so sweet as a 5 year old. I was driving a 1986 Chevy pickup when I graduated college. I’m pretty sure I thought of it as a Lamborghini though, it was as much maintenance as one.


Thats my truck, I chose to paint it that colour in high school. Deal with it!

As I said I do not know where my addiction started but I clearly remember who my dealer was. My Father; Growing up I always liked it when dad would tuck me into bed as opposed to mom. This is because dad would not read me bedtime stories with colourful drawings of rabbits or bears. He would not read me rhyming books or even tell me fairy tales. I was put to bed on a strict bedtime story diet of Road & Track, Car and Driver, Hot Rod and even the occasional boutique European car magazine. Once we had gone through all those magazines, discussed the merits of double overhead cam motors verses the traditional push rod V8 and looked at the pictures a million times we would look at cars for sale in the Classic Car Trader- I think this sheds light on my love for classic cars.

Sometimes when we had gone through all those publications and read any car brochures lying around dad would actually tell stories. Dad would tell me stories about him growing up in a small prairie town and the cars they used to own. Apparently my dad’s first car was $50. When you tell an 8 year old you can buy a car that runs and drives for $50 I think you build a false sense of reality….. What he bought for $50 didn’t even have doors, a roof or body panels for that matter. He told entertaining stories none the less.


This is what happens when you leave me alone to read. The carpet confirms 1980’s

Unfortunately this did not stop with just bedtime stories about cars. The most exciting time of my life growing up was Valentine’s Day. Not because I got chocolate covered hearts but because it signified that the Canadian International Auto Show was about to begin. Dad would take my brother and I to the show where we would drool over all the new cars. Words cannot accurately describe how important the car show was and still is to me. That scene from the opening of little house on the prairie where the girl is running through the field all excited and care free? That is me times 50 and hopped up on pixie sticks and full sugar caffeine drinks. That is still not an accurate comparison but I liked the theme song to that show so it will work for this analogy…. It’s like getting to meet your favorite athlete or actor and getting to interview them. The first time I saw a Subaru WRX STI in person at the car show I think I cried.

We would get lots of our reading material from these car shows. I would arrive with an empty backpack at every show and by the time we were ready to leave it would be so jam-packed with brochures that it could barely be closed. Dad had a tactic he used at these shows to gain what he called insider information. He would tell a sales rep that he is a doctor (this is true) and that he is looking for a new car (not true) and does not know anything about them (also not true). This essentially made us into VIP’s at every car show-all the expensive cars on pedestals or behind velvet ropes? We sat in them. I remember one year when they actually started an Aston Martin up so we could hear the engine.

Our curriculum knew no bounds. We would visit the fire station and a train yard whenever possible. Dad would tell whoever was in charge that his kid really liked whatever transportation device was featured. We would get tours, get to sit in the vehicles and sometimes get models. After age 10 I knew that this was more for dad than me but I happily played along. For a kid who grew up in mid-town Toronto I know a lot about GM diesel locomotives, superior fire trucks and American-Lafrance pumper trucks. My brother even has memories of going to see 18-wheelers drag race. No joke highway tractors lining up and racing each other. I have also been to every new car dealer within a 75 km radius of Toronto, all before I could legally drive.

Everything I did with my dad had automotive undertones to it. Skiing? Let’s discuss all the different cars we see on the way up, and let the kid shift gears! Going to hockey? Let’s check out all the other cars in the parking lot and see who has a manual transmission.  It’s amazing how a parking lot can become a car show with the right level of enthusiasm and a lack of tinted windows.

When I was 12 years old I rode my bike into a brick wall. Don’t worry, my face broke the fall. There was some thought that my jaw was broken and I was definitely going to need stitches. My dad took me to North York General Hospital to get x-rayed and stitched up. We parked on the other side of the emergency room because dad had to see something… we diverted from the hospital emergency room and instead went to the doctors parking lot. Dad had spotted a 1995 Toyota Supra and we had to see it on the way in.. I don’t know what was more disturbing, that dad chose cars over his son’s health or the fact that the Toyota Supra was an automatic transmission. Probably the latter upset me more.  3 stitches later and some ice cream to celebrate me not having my jaw wired shut and we were debating what was better, the Toyota Supra, Mazda Rx7 or Nissan 300ZX.

According to the government and several other reputable sources I am a fully functioning adult now. My father’s influence is far reaching in my day to day life. I wake up in the morning and read all the current car news that transpired while I was sleeping. Then I go to work and deal with cars all day. I sell them, source them, advice regarding them, judge them, drive them and fantasize about owning them. I get home from work and my fiancée graciously tolerate my “what-if’s “scenarios. What if I brought this car home? Would you drive it? ect… before bed I read car magazines, blogs, look at photos and read comparisons. I then dream about cars or have nightmares about clowns until I wake up the next morning.


The beach is cool, but my dump truck needs my immediate attention.

I’d like to thank my dad for introducing me the best career path for a person of my “substance”. At Auto|One Group we are all car people. This is merely an account of how it starts.

Spring Cleanup For The Metal In Your Life

It is that time of year again. The Blue Jays just had their season opener. The Leafs are making a final fight for a playoff position and spring season is wrapping up. What does this mean to us at Auto|One Palladini- the lovers of all vehicles great and small? SPRING!!!

This is the time of year when all our hard work starts to pay off. By hard work we are of course referring to the agonizing winter months of sitting in our summer cars and pretending that we are driving. Whether you imagine yourself attacking a race track like Louis Hamilton or maybe you and a lucky co-pilot were cruising some back country roads on a pristine summer morning with no traffic. You probably did it after dinner and on the weekend. Perhaps your summer car shares a bedroom garage with your daily driver and you happen to glance over at it while getting into the daily driver every morning. All it takes is that split second of imagination between when you get into the daily drive and when you close the door to imagine a heal-toe downshift through a corner on a deserted stretch of road. Don’t pretend you didn’t do it. It is nothing to be ashamed of it is completely natural.

This time of year is a cause for celebration that we survived another winter! Celebrate by bringing Auto|One Palladini your cherished ride for a pre-season wash and wax. Our experts will lovingly clean and massage even the most minute and hard to reach surface on your chariot of metal. Making it feel pampered and loved (you owe it that much after cheating on it with your daily driver all those months). Our detailing staff is the best around. If you want to see for yourself come and see the condition of our inventory. Interior, exterior, rims and tires, trunk and engine bay they get the job done quickly, efficiently and the job they perform is astounding. We have an a la cart menu of options to choose from. You may also want to have us take all the winter grime and salt off your daily driver. Not a problem, we will show your daily driver the same level of love and attention as your weekend chariot.


Spring also represents something new. Change is often in the air. Perhaps you did too many hot laps last season and you need to get new tires? Maybe your car needs to scream just a bit louder? Whatever the case our car bar is your last stop for all the tires and performance parts you need. Why not let Auto|One Palladini source and install the aftermarket options you want? We can help you pick and choose what the best options for you are contact our Car Bar at 416-479-4400 EXT 117

Auto|One Palladini, home of the car people who “get it” (we may or may not have spent time sitting in the showroom doing what you did in the garage).

the best art subjects in the world

We get lots of complements on our showroom. Auto|One Palladini has one of the nicest showrooms around. That is not a biased comment. Aside from the great inventory we stock one of the main things that grabs people’s attention is our artwork.


Michael Irvine is a renowned Canadian artist with a knack for painting amazing pictures of glorious cars. We have 8 of his pieces in our showroom. Michael’s work is intricate but not overly so. For instance, if you look at the centerpiece of one of these cars you will clearly see another car in the reflection.  This adds a nice touch to his work that is not immediately apparent. He also does a great job of blending in new muscle cars with old ones.  His focus is on “Detroit Iron” so don’t expect to see any imports in his work. We call them continental classics.


At Auto|One Palladini we believe that art is whatever you want it to be. Many of our cars are rolling art. If your spouse will not let you put a car in the bedroom we understand. These beautiful pictures involve far less renovation to hang on a wall than say, a 1969 Camaro.


All of his pieces are available for purchase. Michael Irvine is a Canadian artist; this means that businesses can write off the purchase if you decide his work needs to adorn your office or boardroom.  Come by our office at 150 Oakdale and pick your favorite. If you’ve been good you can pick more than one!

It’s Never To Early To Talk Tires

We usually become proactive in tire maintenance as the season changes.  And the season will change sooner than we probably expect.  Here is some ‘tire talk’ for you to prepare for that moment of ‘change’.

How long do tires last?

Tires manufactured today are more durable than ever before. They are made of steel, rubber and fabric woven together. Over 1 billion tires are produced every year. However, it is still important to be very well aware how long can you use tires before you make the replacement. The life expectancy of a tire greatly depends on its maintenance, environmental conditions and the driving style of the driver.

40 years ago, the average life expectancy of a tire was not more than two years!  Today it is best to change your tires after every 6 years at least.  After tires hit a life span of 6 years, they should be discarded. This is because rubber loses its elasticity and resistance properties over that period.

Factor Affecting the Life of Tires

Climatic Conditions – If you stay near the beach or if it rains a lot in your area, the chances are the moisture in the air will ruin the rubber faster.

Road Conditions – A bumpy ride can also reduce your tire’s life

Exposure to Sun – Simply put, the more the exposure to the sun, the sooner the tire ages.

Other Factors – Avoid exceeding the total limit of weight allowed for your tires to carry.

Quality of Maintenance – How long you can use tires depends a lot on how you took care of it in the first place. When the tires are neglected or the wheel alignment is not correct, it will accelerate the aging process.

How to Extend Your Tire’s Life

Tire life can be enhanced by several strategies that will help protect them from premature rotting.

1 – Check your tires for proper inflation pressures on a monthly basis. Buy and use a good digital tire gauge even though your tires may be equipped with tire pressure monitors. Do not use the maximum pounds per square inch (PSI) noted on the tire’s sidewall as the measure for proper inflation; the recommended PSI for your vehicle’s tires is located on the driver’s side door jamb or in the owner’s manual for your car. Under- or over-inflation of your tires inhibits the effectiveness of stabilizing additives found in most tires.

Under-Inflated Tread Wear

2 – Park your car in a garage or carport to decrease the tires’ exposure to the elements.  Protection from excessive heat and UV rays will help protect your tires from premature rot.

3 – Apply a tire conditioner that is formulated to protect tires from UV rays and/or ozone. Household cleansers and petrochemical or silicone containing tire cleaning products can actually remove much of the tire’s protective waxes.

4 – Drive the car regularly and at moderate speeds. Car tires that sit, unmoving, for long periods of time do not flex. Therefore, the stabilizing additives do not distribute as designed.

5 – Buy new tires that were manufactured no more than two years prior. Dates are located on one side of each tire, and use numbers that coincide with week and year of manufacture. For example, 1209 means it was made in the twelfth week of 2009. Ask for tires that have UV stabilizers and ozone shielding additives.

Outside edges: tires that are worn on the outside edges have been under inflated. There is excessive contact with the outer edges of the tire and the road surface as the vehicle travels down the road.

Center of tire: tires that are worn in the center have been over inflated. There is excessive contact with the center of the tire and the road surface. Always use a tire gauge when inflating tires.

One of the edges: when the tire is worn on one side but not the other the camber angle is off either negative or positive. (Positive camber: is when the top of the tire leans away from the vehicle. Negative camber is when the top of the tire leans in towards the vehicle. This can also be caused by bent or damaged front end parts: tie rods, ball joints, etc.)

Tire is feathered: when the tire is feathered across the tread the tie rods are worn or the vehicle needs to be aligned. The ball studs get loose in their sockets allowing the tires to toe in/out as the vehicle travels down the road. Toe in is when the fronts of the tires are closer together than the rears and toe out is when the fronts of the tires are further apart than the rears.

Tire is scalloped: when the tire is scalloped or cupped across the tread it is usually caused by bad shocks or struts. This can also be caused by out of balance tires. Jounce the front end to see if it oscillates and test drive the vehicle to see if it floats and leans excessively around corners. Bad struts are the number one cause of cupped tires. Tire wear can indicate a worn steering or suspension component, an over or under inflated tire, or a misaligned vehicle. Visual inspection of vehicle tires is an important step in the preliminary inspection process.

Rotate your tires!

Tire rotation can be beneficial in several ways. When done at the recommended times, it can preserve balanced handling and traction and even out tire wear. Tire rotation can even provide performance advantages.

Many tire mileage warranties require tire rotation to keep the warranty valid. When should tires be rotated? We recommend that tires be rotated every 6,000 to 10,000Km even if they don’t show signs of wear.  Consider tire rotation with oil change intervals while the vehicle is off the ground.

Tire rotation helps even out tire wear by allowing each tire to serve in as many of the vehicle’s wheel positions as possible. Remember, tire rotation can’t correct wear problems due to worn mechanical parts or incorrect inflation pressures.

If you maintain your tires, observe the wear on your tires, rotate your tires and recognize a tire has a life of it’s own, you will maximize it.  Be sure to talk about your tires with your car connection at Auto|One.


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Cadillac ATS Wins Gold in Olympics Advertising

General Motors captured the gold with its advertising of the 2013 Cadillac ATS. The “Cadillac ATS vs. the World” campaign, designed to establish the brand-new Cadillac nameplate, launched during the opening ceremonies of the London Olympic Games. Cadillac followed up with 30-second spots throughout the weekend.  According to Edmunds.com shopping consideration had lifted by 474 percent by the time Monday arrived.  This was much higher than competitive automobiles in the category. Shopping consideration is an indicator of marketing effectiveness, not necessarily actual sales.

We think it is because it is/was a terrific commercial series and because the Cadillac is such an appealing car.

Here’s the trailer for you to watch:

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Carroll Shelby the Legendary Car Designer

In May of this year the automotive industry lost one of its greats with the passing of Carroll Shelby. From humble beginnings, Shelby went on to become a world-champion racing driver. However, he is perhaps best remembered for designing and building innovative and iconic cars like the Cobra, high-performance versions of the Ford Mustang and injecting expertise and testosterone into the development of the Dodge Viper.

During the 1950’s Shelby drove for the Cad-Allard, Aston-Martin and Maserati teams and in 1959 he won the brutal endurance race 24 Hours of Le Mans, co-driving a British made Aston-Martin. A heart ailment forced him to quit driving and in 1962 he founded Shelby-American. It became one of the most successful independent sports-car builders of the era.

Shelby began building his Cobras using the chassis and body of a two-seater from AC Cars of England and packing powerful Ford V-8 Engines into the lightweight British roadsters. The Cobra won the United States Road Racing Championship in 1963 and the Grand Touring world championship in the large-engine category in 1965.

In 1964, Lee Iacocca asked Shelby to help create a high-performance version of the recently launched Mustang. In January 1965, the first Shelby Mustang, the GT350, made its début and a legend was born. Shelby also developed the Ford GT40, the Shelby GT500 and the GT500KR (KR stands for King of the Road). The Shelby-American team’s Ford GT40 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 and 1968 ending a six year winning streak by Ferrari.

Ford Racing put a video together of Carroll Shelby “In His Own Words”.  It is fascinating…

The famous Shelby Cobra and the many other high performance vehicles that Shelby designed and built enlivened, and in many cases, revolutionized the automotive industry for the past 50 years. He will be missed but his legacy lives on.

Click here to review our Pinterest retrospective of Shelby production cars.

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Bullrun 2012 – Day 7

The final day! The Bullrunners emerged from their Santa Cruz hotel squinting into the light. The week of exhaustion was almost behind them. With only one more stint back to Los Angeles and a few checkpoints left, the drivers began to realize that their week-long odyssey was about to be over.

Day 7 starts in Santa Cruz

Let’s hit the road

Onto check point – Fresno.

Off-road shortcut into Fresno

The Race Room welcomed the Bullrunners for lunch and a chance to hone their racing skills on multiple racing simulator machines.

Congratulations to speed demon, Drake Kemper, for winning the Race Room hot lap challenge.

As the teams left Fresno, nobody knew who would take home the coveted Navigator or Spirit of the Bullrun Awards. With so many teams in contention this year, the results wouldn’t be decided until the teams arrived in LA.

Team Karma

Lost a bet, Ricky and Billy had to wear wedding dresses – all the way to Los Angeles.

Seriously in win mode!

As the teams arrived back at Hotel Andaz, they celebrated the hectic and rewarding week that was Bullrun 2012!

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Bullrun 2012 – Day 6

The Bullrun began in beautiful Klamath Falls, Oregon. Overnight the drivers stayed on a ranch and got to see a private screening of last year’s Cops, Cars 7 Superstars TV show which highlights the fun of BullrunAt the start of the day…….bullrunners lined up to get their route card.

On the road again

The route card had us heading for checkpoint 1 – Lucerne, CA.

A quick break 🙂

Checkpoint #1 for Day 6…….find the checkpoint!

A number of the teams including Team Oh Canada were slowed down by a police roadblock.

Bullrunners enter back into the state of California. Some of the landscape that the Bullrunners experience en route is breathtaking!  Mount Shasta on the horizon.

About to cross the Golden Gate. Route cards from the 1st checkpoint vehicle sent everyone to the next one at Gotts, St. Helena then onto the final destination of the day – the Dream Inn, Santa Cruz, California.

Partying in the parking lot in Santa Cruz

He’s like a little boy scout that one – be party prepared!

Because it’s not enough to drive super cars all day, Alex has to ride a bike at 2 AM

Team oh Canada score their first ‘1st’ today! About time!

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