My automotive degeneracy…

My name is Sam. I have friends. They race in demolition derby’s. I get them cars.

Now that we have that cleared up I can tell you a story of how I came to own a 2003 Mazda Protégé5 with 320,000kms.

Auto|One Group took possession of the above mentioned car back in October. It was a trade in that was valuated based on scrap weight… I bought the car sight unseen to use in a demolition derby. It is a manual transmission, 4 cylinder and a wagon. This car would cleanup at a demolition derby.

The issue was the car ran pretty well. It had power windows, a sunroof, brakes and smoke didn’t pour out from under the engine when it was stopped at a light.. It appeared to be in better shape than my current car. On a whim I had my mechanic check the car out so I would know what it would take to put it on the road. Everything seemed to be okay- not great, but okay. I had my winter beater! For the record I consider gas to be maintenance on a winter beater. This is not an easy life for a car.


I told my friend that the car was not available and I licensed it in my name. That was 8 months ago. The car is now in dire need of a mechanics tender touch. Rattles, creeks, shakes, burps, squeaks all of these sounds have grudendly been tuned out by turning up the radio. Last week the antenna fell off my car in a tragic garage door accident that will not be elaborated on.

It is time to part with the car I fondly call “Rusty”. Much like pets and livestock you cannot name an animal or else you will form a bond that prevents you from doing what is right. This relationship has formed between me and Rusty. I cannot bring myself to let it suffer the brutal, bitter end of “The Fall Brawl”. This is the demolition derby held in Lindsay Ontario.

What does one do with a useless car that they love for reasons unknown? I pondered this question for quite some time. If I was a car at the end of my life what would I want to do? Well, if I was a zippy manual transmission car that had been subjected to a life of traffic, poor roads and salty winters (this car has grown up in Toronto and has lots of rust, so all apply) than I would want a cool send off from my owner. Don’t trash me in a grotesque demolition derby! Let me have fun, let me stretch my legs, dance, run jump.. LET ME RACE!! That is what Rusty is telling me through her rattles and squeaks.


Where do I race such a beast? After some careful research I stumbled upon the 24 hours of LeMons. The cheeky name had me curious. This is the jest of it. Your car has to cost $500 or less and you need 6 drivers, no experience is necessary. Style points are awarded. This is more of an endurance race than a speed race. The tactic is to see how well your jalopy holds up against the competition and how long your car can survive while maintaining forward motion. This is all done on a race course. The course is New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville New Jersey. August 9th-11th 2013. If you are interested in coming or racing with us email me at


Lets send Rusty off  in style! The car will be fully prepped with a roll cage, fire extinguisher, fuel cell and race tires. More info can be found at

Detroit Auto Show Review

Last month, a few members of the Auto|One team decided to take a trip down to the most prestigious auto show of them all, the Detroit Auto Show.

We took a look at all the new cars and concepts, and picked our top six most attractive cars for 2013.

2014 Corvette

Aggressive, sophisticated, controversial. The new corvette is all of these things, aggressive styling and horsepower (450hp in base form).

Sophisticated: Corvette is one step closer to having a legitimate interior. It is new but instantly recognizable as a Corvette. The seats are different than the last generation and finished in higher quality materials as are the dash, knobs and navigation system.

Controversial: This is all we heard at the show “it stole the Camero’s rear lights”…. Yes, the lights are no longer circular, but they look fantastic and it works very well with the rest of the car. This car is going to be a home run for the Chevy boys.

Question: if the new Corvette has 450HP, how much horsepower will the new Z06 and ZR1 have?

Corvette 2014 detroit

Audi RS7

You mean to say you took the already stunning S7 body and put 560hp in it? That was very nice of Audi to treat us to such a delight.

Yes the back of the car is ‘love-it-or-leave-it’ but with the rear wing up, it looks awesome. While the exterior has been the selling point of the Audi 7, the interior is the story behind the story. The interior of the RS7 is reminiscent of a Lamborghini, Audi R8 and a futuristic fighter jet. Highest quality materials, fit, and finish have gone into this car. This car should never have tinted windows; it should be shared with the world!

audi rs7


Jaguar’s new Porsche Boxer/ BMW Z4/ Mercedes SLK fighter. 340-495 horse power options. The convertible and automatic only car looks like a strange departure for Jaguar. Gone is the regal lines of yesterday, now the car is wrapped in a tight exterior that looks muscular and elegant.

The interior look is German with a British fit and finish, a very good combination.

We spoke with the PR rep and they told us that a coupe version is in the works and manual transmission is being prayed for. Please answer our prayers.

jaguar f type

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

ALL WHEEL DRIVE AMG’S! We Repeat, this car is ALL WHEEL DRIVE! Words cannot describe the excitement we have about this new car.

The new body style is reserved, and not imposing. The interior is welcoming and hosts lots of gadgetry and features you have come to expect. In other words they have kept the E-class, the E- class, and added in a dose of all wheel drive mayhem.

mercedes e63

BMW 4 Series

This is a great move for BMW. By separating the 3 and 4 series they have allowed both cars to truly become individual in their own right. The new 4 series boasts a beautiful baseball stitch cinnamon interior and perfectly sculpted rear exhaust, features that would be welcome in an executive sports car. By contrast the 3 series gains a 2.0, 4 cylinder turbo gas motor geared towards fuel economy.

bmw 4 series

Mercedes Benz GL63 AMG

This is the newest edition of the AMG family. Twin turbo 550hp/ 560 pound feet of torque V8 mill is rumored to be enough to propel this German tank to 100kmph in less than 5 seconds. Remember that this truck weighs 5000 plus pounds… astounding numbers. Did we mention stop/start technology? Optional Design interior? 4MATIC all wheel drive?

mercedes gl63