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Auto|One Palladini Leasing is a proud sponsor of the Gelato Cup which has been committed to support the Prostate Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital. To date this commitment has allowed Sunnybrook to purchase 2 invaluable research machines, built 2 surgical suites, design and construct an Early Detection Centre for both cancer patients and heart patients preventing these deadly diseases before they ever have a chance to begin.

What is Next for the Gelato Cup – a new Helipad.

The Tory Regional Trauma Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital is the largest and busiest in the country. When someone is airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital, the danger to that life is grave. Every second counts. These critically ill and injured patients come to Sunnybrook by air from across Ontario.

How Will the Gelato Cup Helipad Pad Make a Difference?

• The new helipad pad will be located on the roof of the Trauma Centre.

• This will save 600 life-saving seconds chewed up in transport that could be and should be used by staff in the trauma room – saving a life.

Sunnybrook’s Tory Regional Trauma Centre cares for about 1,200 trauma cases each year – the most in the country. It was designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for trauma and emergency services throughout the GTA and across Ontario.

The Gelato Cup has committed over 3 million dollars over 10 years to assist in building a state-of-the-art helipad on top of the hospital.

The result – lives saved every day.

Here’s how you can help….

WE WILL DONATE $1 FOR EVERY PAGE ‘LIKE’ to the Gelato Cup Helipad at the Tory Regional Trauma Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital, like no other in Ontario.



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