Praise For Tesla From A Gear Head

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I’m a really nice guy. Like, really, really nice. All of the time my friends and family approach me with automotive queries because they know I will give them an honest answer. For example, when a family member calls me and says “hey my change oil light is on, what should I do?”  and “my tires are bald, should I get new ones?” I have the unique ability to give straight forward answers and not dance around asking questions like; Did you dress yourself today?”.


The other week my brother-in-law called me and asked if I could help get his car tinted and a stone chip on the windshield fixed. “sure I can, I can do that in a day”. He was super happy as he was going out of town and said he would just leave me the car for a couple of days (and I get to drive it). My brother-in-law drives a Tesla 85D. This is an electric car with the ability to go zero to 60 in 4.3 seconds. Understandably I was very excited by the opportunity to thrash, drive his car. Let me back up a bit. When my brother-in-law first ordered his Tesla he was super excited about it and understandably so. Technology from the future, crazy power and great fit and finish. I on the other hand was a little underwhelmed at first, I thought, what’s the big deal right? It’s like driving an electric razor with an i-pad for a console. I thought it would lack the passion of a combustion engine. When he got it I thought “okay, this is cool but I would still rather have ______ insert premium luxury sedan”. Essentially I thought that liking that car would make me less of a “car guy” because I was liking something without an engine.


However, after driving it for a couple of days I would liken it to a slot car with an in between stage. Step on the accelerator pedal (can’t really call it a gas pedal) and it drives like any other car. Mash it with your foot and watch the world melt away though the windshield. Don’t forget, this is with 2 car seats comfortably in the back too! Imagine all that torque and power available from 0 RPM because there is no engine to turn over. Instant terminal velocity…. My tear ducts have not fully recovered.


The technology is amazing in the car. The Auto Pilot mode will legitimately steer, accelerate and brake the car its self. You want to change lanes? just click the turn signal and watch the computer overlords sense when an appropriate opening becomes available and technology will then put you in the next lane. The on board navigation has built in internet browsing and the car will tell you the stock numbers too (if you are into that sort of thing) and a full internet browser. Imagine driving from Toronto to Kingston without using the steering wheel or the pedals. It is a novel concept that took some time for my weak human, non-Tesla brain to comprehend.


Usually when I have to drive family/friends cars for service I can’t wait to give them back. I don’t want to be responsible for any damage like “was this crease in the leather always there?” or, “I don’t remember the car sounding like this”… with this car I would gladly keep driving it because the reward is definitely worth the risk.

Now I will write my first draft of the apology letter to my brother-in-law….

Top 10 Reasons to Lease a Vehicle

Most Canadians want a new vehicle every three to four years. Leasing is a way of obtaining a vehicle for a defined time. Looks to me like Canadians and leasing belong together.

This list, along with a huge selection of vehicles can be found at either of our websites: &

Top Reasons to Lease

  1. Lower monthly investment than what you would pay to service a loan for the same investment. Lease payments are generally lower than a loan payment with like term and interest rate. The result is you can have a lower payment or keep the payment the same and drive a nicer vehicle.
  2. You only pay tax on the monthly payment, rather than up front on the full price of the vehicle. That adds up to big savings.
  3. Down payment is flexible
  4. Trade more often
  5. Cash flow benefits as you avoid putting too much of your money in a vehicle
  6. Drive more car for the money
  7. Drive new for the price of used
  8. Gratification of an affordable new vehicle more often (every 2-3 years).
  9. Peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is under a new car warranty. Even better if you turn the vehicle in before the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty expires, and you never have to deal with mechanical difficulties.
  10. Leasing does not affect your ability to borrow for your business because a lease unlike a loan is neither an asset nor a liability.

If you are not convinced, I’m going to give you one more reason to lease:  If you lease a car, you may be able to deduct the entire amount, up to CCRA’s maximum (currently $800 plus taxes per month), while considering any tax restrictions relative to your employment, business-use, or a percentage attributed for personal use.  Your accountant will be able to advise you on your own situation.

If you are interested in discussing the benefits of you leasing a vehicle with your lifestyle, stop by our Vancouver or Toronto location. We would be more than happy to help.