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So. Father’s Day is quickly approaching (fair warning). You need to do something special for the guy in your life who taught you how to do proper burnouts. Or, if you are a dad, you need to teach your kids how to do proper burnouts. Regardless, we have an excellent idea for anyone in the GTA: The Yorkville Exotic Car Show on Sunday, June 18th will be…amazing.


This car show takes place every year in downtown Toronto. It is SO big that they shut down several blocks of prime Yorkville real estate traffic for these stunning cars. I’m talkin’ Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini and all the exotic/classic cars that you and dad probably had hanging on your wall as kids will be in attendance. The show starts around 10 a.m. and goes until about 4 p.m.


This is a free event and a great bonding experience for you and dad, or if you are a dad, take your kids and use the show as a lesson: “see kids, work hard and do your homework and you, too, can own a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV.” You can also use it as a great forum to drop some knowledge on your kid: “you see that big, shiny chrome stick poking out from the center console, kinda like a flag pole? That’s a manual transmission gear shifter. Back when your dad was a kid and computers were the size of houses, we used them to change gears on cars. It was more work, but more fun”. Talk about gaining instant hero status with the little one!


If you are taking your dad, you can show him all the ridiculous super cars, and say things like, “See? There IS a replacement for displacement and it’s called carbon fiber and turbos!” Don’t be afraid to show dad that the next generation knows what’s up with technology and cars.


Auto One Group will be there, of course, with amazing cars and an awesome contest. We created an app that you can download onto your phone, where you guess what fire-breathing car you’re hearing on your phone, and if you identify it correctly, you get bragging rights and entered to win a prize. The prize? A day at the track with fellow car lovers. We thought long and hard about what you would want to win…and who doesn’t want to take their car to a track? This will be a great opportunity get some tips from professional drivers, and see how you and your car perform on the track.


So, mark it in your calendars: Sunday, June 18th at Avenue Road and Bloor Street. Rain or shine. Don’t forget to swing by the Auto One tent and check out our wicked game for a chance to drive your car on the track!

The Ingredients For Disaster Projects.

Sometimes we get in over our heads. We think we are hungrier than we are, try to run farther than we can, drink more than our livers will allow, etc… in the weird world of car projects this means having grandiose ideas for a car that is sketchier than a two week old ham sandwich from a vending machine.


A little while ago a friend and I got it in our head that we could put a V10 from a Ford truck into a 1980’s Volvo station wagon… nothing a little welding/cutting/fabricating can’t fix, amiright?! One thing lead to an other, and we ended up getting a 1987 Volvo wagon for $200. This was the first time in my life that I had bought a car for scrap weight and paid too much… rough was an understatement. This thing is a rolling tetanus provider. You can see inside the car while standing outside…not looking though a window. We call cars like this “swiss cheese” for good reason.


So, we went with it because it was cheap…and we are stupid. Then we got a motor. My parents’ garage is secretly harbouring a 1999 Ford F250 Triton V10, wire harness, computer and fuel pump. At only 287,000 kms, it is just broken in! It takes up more space than the Porsche Boxster being stored next to it. We already have a 4-speed manual transmission that SUPPOSEDLY bolts up to the back of the engine, located in somebody’s basement, hopefully.

At this point some time is being devoted to finding the final things needed like rear end/suspension/life insurance/brakes/etc. It was during this find that another Volvo wagon presented itself to us. This one being a 1981 manual transmission with 503,472 kms – we fell in love instantly. For the low, low price of $600, We again flirted with tetanus and the structural integrity of a wet paper bag.


We went on a Sunday to pick the car up an hour and 20 minutes from home. It was probably for the best that it was snowing and the car had a half foot of fluffy stuff on it. This way, we had no way of telling how crappy the car is. We dusted it off as best we could to look at the miraculous half-a-million-kilometer tank we just bought – and were not immediately disappointed. It seemed pretty complete. The most important things seem to work: radios are useless, heat is for sissies, and the roof rack is not structural, so off it goes too.


What did impress us is that after sitting for four months in the elements, the car started on the first try with the mechanical choke (carbureted) getting pulled out. It charmed us with its spunky attitude. After not moving for all that time, it seemed perfectly at home doing doughnuts in the snow of the furniture shop parking lot where it was abandoned. We popped the hood to get a look at the engine and noticed this is one of the rare models that was built in Nova Scotia. There is a lot of history behind this car! This is where the trouble comes in.

Car people will only chop up a hopeless donor to use in a project car, something that cannot be restored. Good, because rust fearing cars get restored. This one might be a candidate for restoration. We are just not sure if our stomachs can take restoring one Volvo wagon and turning another into some weird Franken-car.

The jury is out. Deliberations are taking longer than anticipated on this one. No matter the outcome, rest assured you will be entertained and my wife will be upset.


Comfort Foodies Unite!

I asked my boss what she wanted me to write about today. She said: “write a blog about the death of comfort food, like mac & cheese, peanut butter sandwiches and the like”. She said this while eating peanut butter out of the jar – evidence of a trying day, and confirmation that what’s old is new again. I replied that I could only write about cars. She said that’s fine, try food. I walked away and knew my peanut butter was gone forever.

Comfort food is the type of stuff you want after a stressful day. You want to crawl into bed with something warm, not overly rich…and, well, bad for you. For me, comfort food is anything that involves carbs or calories, alcohol included. Comfort food is food that you don’t want to order on a first, or second date. It is the type of food you blatantly lie about eating in front of your mother/trainer/girlfriend/wife because you know you are not supposed to be consuming it. But, you don’t really care because it makes you feel good, and after a long day, you’re entitled to that, right? Right.

This kind of food is deeply nostalgic: it takes you back to your childhood when you were care-free. That is why we eat comfort food – it’s something we eat when we don’t care about anything else but ourselves. It is a chance for us to do something for ourselves without fear or care of judgement from anyone else.

In our modern society, everyone gets all “judgy” about what we consume. “That has too many carbs!”, “the fat content on that is crazy”, “and carbs are bad”. I walk away from those people. I don’t need that negativity in my life. I honestly thought gluten-free was a political party until someone explained to me what gluten was. I am still not entirely sure what it is, but I do know this: gluten-free restaurants are a dark and sorry lot. They are full of that negativity I don’t need in my life…I think I will spend more time in a bakery or deli, thank-you-very-much.

Carbs: welcome to my weakness. I love pizza, I love pasta, I love thick-sliced fresh bread on a sandwich. I love beer, and I love carbs. They fill me up and leave me satiated. I HAD friends who don’t eat carbs – we don’t talk anymore because they are too busy running marathons or competing in the Iditarod.

I don’t even think the word “comfort food” existed before the internet was popular. Up until the 1990’s people just ate what they wanted without fear of reproductions from there table guests. Back then, comfort food was called “this is what we are having for dinner” or, “I had _____ for lunch”. And that was it! People didn’t have crazy responses about how bad that food was for you, and the Surgeon General didn’t put warnings on the sides of beer cans, either. In our modern society, we care too much about what others think about us and how we will be perceived.

I think we should collectively take a stand against people telling us what we should eat. Let’s make the dinner table judgement-free, shall we? Forget what they say in all those magazines at the grocery checkout. Ignore the person who says trans-fats are bad, they probably don’t even know what trans-fats are! We need to rise up and take back our meals and feel good about it.

Now…Can I get my peanut butter back, please?

The Future Of Cars

Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! A new year! A new start! Time for some refreshed car models! Wait… ummm, Ford is making a hybrid Mustang? More autonomous cars? More cars with hot spots? Oh, no! It’s THE FUTURE OF CARS!!! – or Car Technology Attacks – whichever you prefer.

Car manufacturers are giving us sneak peaks of what we can look forward to this year. It is chalk-full of crazy tech! none of this “new colour for 2017” or “refreshed rims” nonsense.

Here is a short list of the ELECTRIC INSANITY:

Ford: developing a hybrid F-150 and Mustang. America’s workhorse and pony are going green.

Jaguar: developing an E-Pace all-electric, semi-autonomous SUV.

Chrysler: starting its own ride sharing app that will go semi-autonomous, and eventually be sans driver altogether. One the same note, Ford and Chevy are also doing this in their own way.

BMW: reportedly expanding its electric line to include an option for every BMW platform available today. Also, they are going automonous as well…Tesla can’t have all the fun!

Mercedes-Benz: Electric. Autonomous. SUV…

The list goes on and on. But, as you can tell, it’s a lot of electric cars and making them turn/brake/accelerate/park for you so you can spend more time doing Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat. Do I seem bitter? I am.

The Consumer Electric Show starts next week in Vegas. This is a tech show where they unveil everything from new TVs to remote control vacuum cleaners. The recent trend has been for car manufacturers to unveil new models and technology. This is all very well and good – any way to reach out to other markets and younger generations to get them thinking about cars is good. Except the Consumer Electronic Show takes place at the same time as the North American International Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show).

This is “The Big One” – the show where all manufacturers get together and collectively show their cards. All the cool stuff the designers and engineers have convinced the accountants to let pass gets unveiled at this show. A place that people like me obsess over every little detail.

They used to pour over getting the exhaust note just right, and pairing the rims to the window trim shade. Do you think 1980’s Camaro Z-28s looked that good by fluke?! They used to boast about the handling and braking abilities of their cars. I watched the unveiling of a new car at the Consumer Electronic Show tonight. They were talking about its battery life, and its ability to sense impending doom in the form of traffic in front of you, before you even could.

We are going into 2017, but really wish we were going into 1967 when all the manufacturers were literally trying to see who could build the biggest engine. Not a single thought was given to fuel economy or driver comfort. Just, who can shred tires the fastest.

I humbly propose that for every three hybrid self-driving cars made, they should be forced to build at least one V8, rear-wheel drive car. With a manual transmission. It does not need cruise control or Bluetooth connectivity or lane departure warnings. Just an engine, transmission and four wheels. I’m Old School and easy to please.

End rant.


RIP Viper

Dodge will stop manufacturing new Vipers in 2017. This is sad. Sad because it signifys we care too much about safety, creature comforts, fuel economy and avoiding bleeding ear drums.

For those of you who don’t know, the Viper was pretty much the drunken-bar-napkin idea of Carrol Shelby, the dude whose name is on the back of all the REALLY fast Mustangs, and Bob Lutz, the guy who went by the name of “Maximum Bob” and flew a helicopter to work. Like, he flew it himself. Certified Badasses, right? Manual transmission only and a “go big or go home” 8-litre V10, 2-door coupe.

For the first couple of years, these cars didn’t even have windows or roofs – those were dealer options. The exhaust exited just behind the seats through side pipes, amazing for sound quality, and terrible for people who don’t like having a thermal heater under their butts, or third degree burns on their legs when they accidentally touch the exhaust getting out of the car. Technical specs and perks? None. How do you feel about driving a V10 torque monster with no ABS or traction control? Sounds fun, right? That’s what made this monster such a thrill to drive – like dancing with the devil. It is exhilarating until you step on the devils foot. Then you die and your insurance company spits on your still-twitching corpse. Bringing a Viper to a party is like doing surgery with a shotgun.

Sergio Marcheone, the sweater-loving dark overlord of Chrysler announced that 2017 would be the final production year for this ridiculous car. Squarely to blame are weak sales and rising life insurance rates for owners. That makes me sad. It makes me feel like the car community is losing a great car. It makes me wonder what “we” – the well intentioned car nut – will be buying. Do we no longer car for a car that forces you to hone your skills or risk winding up in a ditch? Are we relying too much on fancy-dancy electronic aids to make us go faster and stop shorter?

Yeah the viper is loud, obnoxious, hot, cramped, hard to control, and really bad on fuel. If it weren’t, more people would have bought it. This was a car that was built around an engine…and everything other than the engine was an afterthought. Oh, yeah, I guess we need seats…make them weatherproof because we don’t want to put windows or a roof on the thing. The seats were not weatherproof and most of them smell like pee for good reason. If a car guy built a car and did not care about what the bean counters said, the Viper would be it.

Alas, fair thee well, beloved Viper. I wish you nothing but sunny days at the track and steeply appreciating value.


Automotive Appliances

Powel Crosley Jr. was quite an interesting person. A renowned industrialist who originated from modest beginnings, he was just old enough to drink (legally) around the turn of the last century. Crosley was obsessed with manufacturing processes and always looking at ways to build things cheaper and more efficiently.

Don’t worry, we are getting to the car part.

Crosley made a pretty comfortable living selling automotive accessories in the early 1900’s. Picture it, an “accessory” on a car with no doors or roof? Maybe he invented the fuzzy dice you hang from your mirror… Anyways, this parlayed into him developing radios.

Rumor (Wikipedia) has it that he took his son to a store to buy a radio and couldn’t believe they cost over $100. He did what all of our resourceful grandfathers would have done and bought a book on how radios work. Fast forward a couple of years, and he was manufacturing them at $7 a pop. Take that, price gouging!

Not enough people bought his radios, so he started his own broadcasting company as a way to promote his radios. That would be like Ford making its own brand of motor oil to promote its cars. Wild, but it worked…well enough to make him very wealthy.

Fast forward to the Great Depression and this guy figures out a way to keep food cold in a fridge that doesn’t use an engine. Crosley also has the dubious distinction of being the first person to put shelves in a fridge (again, thanks Wikipedia). Think about it, while other companies were dropping like flies during the Depression, Crosley’s business was flourishing. Crosley made refrigerators and other household appliances, along with radios well into the 1960’s, thanks to their popularity in the 30’s.


Now, Crosley always had a thing for cars ever since he sold the first hula girl through his automotive accessories company. Then He convinced his younger brother to help him build a car. In classic Crosley fashion, his cars achieved 50 miles per gallon at a time when people literally didn’t turn off cars during the winter because they were too hard to start back up. Even cars today don’t get fuel economy like that. Oh, and that single overhead cam engine you’re driving? Thank him. He pioneered it.

Like Crosley, his cars went against the grain. They were not popular by any stretch of imagination. They were not bad cars, just cars that were small and good on fuel when everyone was buying chrome by the ton and cubic inches like they were lottery tickets. A classic case of great product, but wrong time.

I completely forgot about Crosley until a buddy called me a couple of weeks ago. His friend was renovating his basement and said I could have the cool vintage fridge in the basement if I dragged it out. Not one to turn down someone else’s trash, I jumped at the chance to inherit a musty fridge that probably didn’t work. I went over with payment (beer) in hand only to be overjoyed that a) the fridge move didn’t involve stairs, and b) said fridge is actually a Crosley from the late 1950’s!


What a piece of automotive history! It was way too good to keep for myself, but I knew my wife would kill me if I showed up with a dank fridge that did not work. So, I donated it to the office where it happily is enjoying a new chapter in our boardroom. It keeps our office supplies…luke warm.

The High Performance SUV


I was conversing with a friend about possible next cars. He recently became a dad (for the second time) and needs something big enough to fit a rear-facing car seat and a regular car seat. Naturally, I recommended an SUV for their practicality and versatility. He, on the other hand, wants a sports car. Since he likes his marriage, he will probably smarten up and abandon any thoughts of doing something for himself for the next 20 years or so.

I recommended a performance SUV and he balked, saying, “there is no such thing as a performance SUV…they are too big to handle corners. If I was going to do that, I would get a cheaper sports car as a weekend car, and get a cheap minivan for the rest of the time.”

This guy is clearly insane, and I don’t need that type of person in my life. Back to the cars…here’s my top three contenders:

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S


Range Rover Sport SVR

What do they all have in common? Boatloads of power, my friend. Each one makes over 550 horsepower. 550 horsepower was supercar territory not that long ago. The all do this with fancy-dancy transmissions that shift faster and harder than you can process the G-forces, sending all the power to each corner.

To re-cap, we have a bunch of power, all-wheel drive and amazing transmissions that are sports tuned…What’s next?

Navigation, backup camera, heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheels, rear DVD, power lift gates, Panoramic roof, push-button start, massaging seats, and so much more. These suburban sledgehammers are built to coddle and pamper you, too.

What if I told you that you could pull 0-60 in 3.7 seconds while your wife is yelling at your kids in the back seat because they won’t stop crying that they didn’t get ice-cream because they fought each other in every aisle at Cosco? Because that is a reality with the BMW X5M.

Let’s take another scenario: you have been invited to the boss’s cottage with the family for the long weekend. Your wife is late because she can’t decide what bathing suit looks best with what sandals (even though it is October). Also, the apple of your eye gets detention for texting during class. Thanks to your Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, you can sail up to the cottage at a brisk 285 km/h and make up lost time like a bandit.

Need another example? You bet: It is mid-January and the snow won’t stop falling. There is more snow on the ground than hair on your head (maybe) and it is thick (the snow). Your child is crying and needs medicine. Your wife is crying and needs chocolate. You know the only way to get a restful night sleep is to go the drug store and get the necessary drugs for both you and your wife…but you look outside and it is snowmaggedon. Thanks to the 5000+ pound heft of your Range Rover Sport SVR, its off-road modes and snow melting torque help you to conquer all. You make it to the drug store and back in record time, and safe the blessed day.

What was the “gentleman’s hot rod” of yore (essentially a fast sedan), has morphed into an SUV with all the modern day features and amenities that you could ever want. They do it in a larger package that is better equipped to deal with kids, work, shopping, commuting, vacations…life.

Just because your life circumstances change, it doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel. In fact, it could be just the excuse you needed to get an SUV that seriously slays. So, you’re welcome.







Corvette Bonanza

I was window shopping through our showroom this morning and it dawned on me that we have some absolutely fantastic Corvettes available. They are all in amazing condition and very rare/collectible/insanely fast.


1-      1961 Corvette convertible. This black on black with grey inserts is the epitome of cool. Acres of chrome and shiny black paint with a removable hardtop. This car has the legendary 283 engine paired with a power glide transmission…Power glide sounds futuristic, but it’s not. It’s a two-speed transmission. So what if Ford is building an 11-speed transmission, this two-speed is indestructible. Grab your main squeeze and go to the drive-in.



2-      1963 Corvette Split window. This is arguably one of the most collectible American cars. Ever. The split window was only made in 1963 as the construction of the car changed a year later to allow one large back window. 4 speed manual, knock-off wheels, 340 cubic inch V8 and timeless looks. Wake the dead just by parking this bad boy in a cemetery. Everyone at the car show will drool over this exceedingly rare sports cars.



3-      2010 Corvette convertible. With only 32,412 kms on it and nary a scratch/nick/mark, this is the car to cruise in as a daily driver. Navigation, power convertible top, heads up display, power everything…makes this the American daily super car. The only thing hotter than its Velocity Yellow paint is the 430 horsepower under the hood waiting to shred tire at your command.



4-      2010 Corvette Z-R1. This car wants to kill you. In fact, General Motors will bet you 638 supercharged horsepower and a 6 speed manual transmission to the rear wheels that if you don’t know what you are doing in the driver’s seat, it will. GM made these cars to show the Europeans and Japanese who’s boss. This car is wicked fast! this one is immaculate with only 11,287 kms.



5-      2012 Corvette Grand Sport 100th anniversary. This is: A) a Grand Sport so it has the wide body kit and race suspension/brake/tire package; B) it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the General Motors edition, so it has a custom interior and insignia’s all over the car; and C) mint condition with only 7,600kms!



6-      2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible. What’s better than 650 horsepower and 650 foot pounds of torque in a convertible? Nothing. Nothing is better than that. This car is absolutely insane. You do not measure this car in speed, you measure it in thrust and cruising altitude. Also, this car only has 1,048 kms.



As you can see, we have lots of Corvettes to choose from: Classic, retro, coupe, convertible. Everything from mild to wild is available for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on having only the best vehicles to choose from. Let us help you get into the bow tie of your choice!


Back To School Cars

It is that time of year again when I start doing lots of “first cars” for new drivers and lots of cars for children who are going back to school. I would like to quickly touch on some do’s and don’ts when shopping for a vehicle that will help your child get from the school that will take forever to pay off, back to your basement – that they will never move out of.



Get something that is reliable. A 20-year old luxury car will not be reliable. While we are on the same topic, a 20-year old sports car cannot be driven in winter.

Get something good on fuel and easy to maintain… school will take a while to pay off and your child is more adept at fixing a computer than changing a flat tire. Technology is taking over.

Get cup holders. Your kids have a mountain of stuff other than beverages that they want to put in cup holders. Wallets, purses, phones, tablets, keys, cups, jewellery, pets (I have seen it), change, bills.. the list is endless.

Get something front wheel drive or all-wheel drive (winter is a thing in this country). Also, spring for a set of winter tires. They could save your retirement plan child’s life.

Get something that has useable back seats. Your study group needs to be comfortable when traveling from said school to your basement so they can eat all of your food and cram all night for an exam.

Get a vehicle that has Bluetooth! Your loved one will talk on the phone, so make sure they do it safely! I see so many kids talking and texting on a cell phone and it is very dangerous. If they cannot wait until they get home to talk about who is dating who and that awful dress someone was wearing, at least keep them safe.



Get something massive. A big SUV will coddle your pride and joy but it will get bashed in a student parking lot. Your kid got an A+ in trigonometry, congratulations. The arts major who parks next to them can’t spell trigonometry.

Get something flashy. You want your spawn to focus on school and work hard for the sweet, sweet reward of working 9 to 5, 8 to 6, being on call 24/7. If they show up in what they will call a “dope whip” (sweet car), they will not work as hard and probably spend more time taking pictures of themselves  making awkward faces in the parking lot in front of their car. Don’t let this be your spawn.

Get the snazziest model of a particular car with all the bells and whistles. All junior really needs is Bluetooth and possibly cruise control if their school is “two towns over”. Opting for navigation, backup camera, sunroof, leather and other things will blow the budget. You should spend that extra money on yourself. After all, you raised your child to university/ college age without killing them, you need a reward.

Once they have their new chariot, spend a day and teach them some life skills. Changing a flat tire, getting a car un-stuck from a snowbank, how to check the fluids, etc… this will help them to be confident in driving their new car that you are probably paying for, and it will protect both of your investments.

We have lots of great cars for back to school, and for back to mom and dad being able to rock out without interruption. Let us know what side of the fence you fall on and we would be happy to help!



A lot has been said of recalls in the automotive business of late. This is not a new phenomenon. For those that live under a rock, here’s a quick re-cap: Takata is an airbag manufacturer that produces the majority of airbags used in cars today. Something like 60 million have been recalled because they were deemed unsafe. The Volkswagen Audi Group has had their diesel engine sales suspended completely because apparently they pollute more than the Donald’s hair and tanning products (sorry, too soon?). In both cases, the manufacturer is accused of knowing there were faulty parts in the components.


This is a list of my favorite automotive recalls:


Toyota Gas-pedal-gate: In 2009-10, some Toyota vehicles began accelerating on their own, affecting about 9 million cars and causing the company some wicked PR headaches. Add to that the shame of appearing in front of many a congressional panel. It also cost Toyota over $4.5 billion…now, that’s a lot of Corollas.


Firestone Tire-gate: Ford installed faulty Firestone tires that were prone to blowouts and thus, causing crashes, fires, death and whatnot. Someone from the Firestone family had married someone from the Ford family, so Ford tried to keep it as quiet as possible. Over 3 million tires were recalled, costing over $3 billion in the early 2000’s. Shocker: the Firestone and Ford families are no longer on talking terms. In fact, Firestone won’t bid on Ford projects anymore. Let’s just say all this makes for an awkward family reunion.


Audi Transmission-gate: In the 80s, Audi 5000 sedans were suddenly accelerating and the brakes simultaneously failing. Bad, right? This was largely fabricated by a 60 Minutes segment that condemned Audi for building death traps. It was 1986 and everyone believed what they saw on TV. It was at this point that Audi got the worst legal advice and admitted fault – later discovering they were not at fault, ouch – paid out a boatload of money and ruined their reputation for years. Not many cars were affected by this, but it sure put a damper on sales. This incident has been referenced numerous times by PR departments as an example of “what not to do”.


Ford-Pinto-gate: What a doozy!! This was Ford’s thinking in the 1970s. “It will cost $11 to fix a problem…it is better to just deal with the lawsuits as they come”. No joke, that was the company stance. Ford’s Pinto was the answer to the growing Japanese car market. The problem? The Pinto was made of thin, weak metal that provided very little structural impact resistance in an accident. Add to this the fact that the hot exhaust was routed right next to the flammable gas tank and you get free fireworks in a rear end collision! Ford is still getting over this epic fail today. The name “Pinto” is synonymous with “failure” or “garbage quality”.


So you see, recalls are not uncommon in the auto industry – they simply come with the territory. It seems the more stunning and flagrant the flops, the more popular they are. When you have thousands of parts and thousands of people working to make one product, having an unforeseen issue is very plausible.