So. Father’s Day is quickly approaching (fair warning). You need to do something special for the guy in your life who taught you how to do proper burnouts. Or, if you are a dad, you need to teach your kids how to do proper burnouts. Regardless, we have an excellent idea for anyone in the GTA: The Yorkville Exotic Car Show on Sunday, June 18th will be…amazing.


This car show takes place every year in downtown Toronto. It is SO big that they shut down several blocks of prime Yorkville real estate traffic for these stunning cars. I’m talkin’ Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini and all the exotic/classic cars that you and dad probably had hanging on your wall as kids will be in attendance. The show starts around 10 a.m. and goes until about 4 p.m.


This is a free event and a great bonding experience for you and dad, or if you are a dad, take your kids and use the show as a lesson: “see kids, work hard and do your homework and you, too, can own a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV.” You can also use it as a great forum to drop some knowledge on your kid: “you see that big, shiny chrome stick poking out from the center console, kinda like a flag pole? That’s a manual transmission gear shifter. Back when your dad was a kid and computers were the size of houses, we used them to change gears on cars. It was more work, but more fun”. Talk about gaining instant hero status with the little one!


If you are taking your dad, you can show him all the ridiculous super cars, and say things like, “See? There IS a replacement for displacement and it’s called carbon fiber and turbos!” Don’t be afraid to show dad that the next generation knows what’s up with technology and cars.


Auto One Group will be there, of course, with amazing cars and an awesome contest. We created an app that you can download onto your phone, where you guess what fire-breathing car you’re hearing on your phone, and if you identify it correctly, you get bragging rights and entered to win a prize. The prize? A day at the track with fellow car lovers. We thought long and hard about what you would want to win…and who doesn’t want to take their car to a track? This will be a great opportunity get some tips from professional drivers, and see how you and your car perform on the track.


So, mark it in your calendars: Sunday, June 18th at Avenue Road and Bloor Street. Rain or shine. Don’t forget to swing by the Auto One tent and check out our wicked game for a chance to drive your car on the track!