Corvette Bonanza

I was window shopping through our showroom this morning and it dawned on me that we have some absolutely fantastic Corvettes available. They are all in amazing condition and very rare/collectible/insanely fast.


1-      1961 Corvette convertible. This black on black with grey inserts is the epitome of cool. Acres of chrome and shiny black paint with a removable hardtop. This car has the legendary 283 engine paired with a power glide transmission…Power glide sounds futuristic, but it’s not. It’s a two-speed transmission. So what if Ford is building an 11-speed transmission, this two-speed is indestructible. Grab your main squeeze and go to the drive-in.



2-      1963 Corvette Split window. This is arguably one of the most collectible American cars. Ever. The split window was only made in 1963 as the construction of the car changed a year later to allow one large back window. 4 speed manual, knock-off wheels, 340 cubic inch V8 and timeless looks. Wake the dead just by parking this bad boy in a cemetery. Everyone at the car show will drool over this exceedingly rare sports cars.



3-      2010 Corvette convertible. With only 32,412 kms on it and nary a scratch/nick/mark, this is the car to cruise in as a daily driver. Navigation, power convertible top, heads up display, power everything…makes this the American daily super car. The only thing hotter than its Velocity Yellow paint is the 430 horsepower under the hood waiting to shred tire at your command.



4-      2010 Corvette Z-R1. This car wants to kill you. In fact, General Motors will bet you 638 supercharged horsepower and a 6 speed manual transmission to the rear wheels that if you don’t know what you are doing in the driver’s seat, it will. GM made these cars to show the Europeans and Japanese who’s boss. This car is wicked fast! this one is immaculate with only 11,287 kms.



5-      2012 Corvette Grand Sport 100th anniversary. This is: A) a Grand Sport so it has the wide body kit and race suspension/brake/tire package; B) it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the General Motors edition, so it has a custom interior and insignia’s all over the car; and C) mint condition with only 7,600kms!



6-      2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible. What’s better than 650 horsepower and 650 foot pounds of torque in a convertible? Nothing. Nothing is better than that. This car is absolutely insane. You do not measure this car in speed, you measure it in thrust and cruising altitude. Also, this car only has 1,048 kms.



As you can see, we have lots of Corvettes to choose from: Classic, retro, coupe, convertible. Everything from mild to wild is available for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on having only the best vehicles to choose from. Let us help you get into the bow tie of your choice!



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