Aftermarket Accessories


Are you looking to spruce up your automotive pride and joy but don’t want to invest in a new car just yet? Are you looking to squeeze more miles out of your ride before your next upgrade but need to up your automotive game now? Is it time for the 7th inning stretch with your steel stallion? Are these analogies getting ridiculous?

We are excited to announce that Auto One Group is bringing an aftermarket and accessories division to our dealership!

The following are just some of the products that we can offer:

DVD Players: got kids? Do they go in your car? You need these! We can install them in the backs of headrests or the flip-down style from the roof. Bring sanity back to the car ride.

Navigation systems: Now you can tell your wife/husband with authority that “yes, I know where we are going”. Bonus, now you can show them too!

Backup cameras: never fear parallel parking or backing into a spot again. Show your undamaged bumper with pride.

Parking sensors: it’s like Morse code in your car.  Beeping, flashing lights and so much more… it’s your car telling you “hey bud, your close enough”

Bluetooth: helping you keep your hands at 10 and 2 and your eyes on the prize.

Custom formed rubber floor mats: We live in Canada, keep more of Canada out of your hard to clean carpets and on these fantastic, easy to clean rubber mats.

Window tint: keep the sun out of your car and deter would-be thieves from scoping out your stuff.

Remote start: it’s like having an assistant who’s only job is to go turn your car on in the morning so it can warm up in the winter and cool down in the summer.

Again, this is just a sampling of what we offer. We are committed to helping you make your car yours. We want to help you personalize your car to your standards using only the best products on the market, installed by the best technicians in the industry.


Living With My Mini

As you know, I made a knee-jerk decision to buy a Japanese spec, right hand drive Mini about a year ago. The decision to buy this car was triggered by several events: Alcohol, peer pressure and the desire to inflict pain on myself mentally, financially and emotionally. I love this car.


I had never owned a grey market import. For those of you who are not aware, a grey market import is a car that was never designed or intended for use on Canadian roads. After a certain amount of time (15 years in Canada) the government says “you wanna bring it in? sure, your risk”. I only heard the first part of that and totally missed “your risk”.


This car is generally awesome. I always get complements on how unique the Mini is and have never had a problem parking it. It is absolutely petrifying exhilarating to drive- it forces you to become a better more honed driver. But my beloved Mini is not without its shortcomings.The wheels are 10” so any pothole or speed bump can spell disaster, I have visions of this thing tilting over a curb like the titanic just before she slipped under the water. The wheel base is about the same as my waist, this is great for maneuvering in and out of traffic but it also means the car does not sit in the tire grooves that are on the highway and major streets, as a result the Mini “dances” in the streets a bit. It also has as much horsepower as a blender so anything over 110 kmph is a pipe dream and, if you do achieve it I hope you have a will because it means you are dropping off a cliff. In the car.


The biggest problem I have with the car, bar-none is the lack of parts on our side of the pond. Need an oil filter? 10 days to 3 weeks wait time from the land of tea and dry humor. Need a wheel bearing? Same. Need tires? Forget about it, shipping them is prohibitively expensive. I knew when I bought the car that I would probably make 1 big order a year and a couple of small ones.  I write this blog as I am making my fourth. The parts are cheap to buy, I mean… how big can a tie rod end for a car that weighs 1,350 lbs be? Associated costs add up. Quick. Firstly you have to convert from British pounds to Canadian dollars, then you have to pay for shipping over the expanse that is the Atlantic Ocean, then you have to clear customs,pay duties, then you get your parts just in time to realize that you forgot some obscure parts that you need to complete the job. It can leave you thinking “maybe I should have listed to my wife/mother/parole officer and bought something more sensible.”


My British car is currently running a fuel filter from a Japanese motorcycle, The thermostat and gasket are from a 1976 MG, and the steering wheel is from a go-cart (seriously).  It seems to work..For now. That is part of the fun of having a car like this. You are forced to be resourceful, A McGiver of cars. You buy a car like this because you actually like wrenching and coming up with hack-job solutions. This car is more than the sum of it’s parts. It is a chosen lifestyle. This is a car you drive around with tools and spare parts for the owner who knows what parking lot has the brightest lights at night in any given neighborhood so roadside fixes can be that easier, and you don’t mind doing them.