Summer is Coming!!!

While you have been busy at home getting ready for the summer. You know, painting, fixing, scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, fixing, tightening bolts, untightening bolts, seeding, planting, disinfecting, etc… we have been getting ready for summer as well. At Auto|One Group we get ready for summer a little differently. We don’t fight about chores with the better half, nor do we discuss the future placement of deck furniture. At Auto|One we get ready for summer by delivering and servicing summer toys!

We recently sent some fantastic vehicles to eager customers. Some old, some new, some exotic, some muscle, all will leave a smile on your face. If you combine the horse power on these highlighted deliveries it would equal the power of every rocket ship,ever built, in the world.

Tony Curalli delivered a current classic and a future classic. The future classic is a 2005 Ford GT. These are exceedingly rare cars that pay homage to the classic Ford GT 40 that surprised everyone at the Le Mans back in the time of leaded fuel. This car will compete with anything that comes from Italy, Germany or Japan and generally walk away from them in competition.

The 1969 Mustang Mach 1 is one of the most sought after muscle cars of all time. Introduced in 1969 it was only offered in the fastback style and came with a wide array of engine and transmission options. This one is Acapulco Blue (hippie talk for bright blue) and it has the most desirable 4 speed transmission and the big 429 cubic engine appropriately named “Cobra Jet” if you are not yet convinced that this car is the business, the shifter is over a foot long and it angles back towards the driver for maximum drama when shredding tires.


Jack Xiao is another sales consultant of ours.  He has had a very busy spring season! Jack delivered a stunning white Ferrari 430 coupe. White on Black, F1 transmission, Daytona seats, and fender shields… we all took a moment to fall in love with its timeless lines. The classic Ferrari colour is red, but I think it makes a much better statement when you show up to the party wearing white.


Jack also delivered not one but two Ferrari 458’s! these are impressive vehicles in pictures to say the least. Seeing them in person is hard to do because of the halos that are on top of the cars. Magical: they sing like angles but scream like demons when asked. Any-artist-you-have-ever-loved could not have done a better job in sculpturing the wild lines. The interiors should be on display in the Smithsonian.


Not to be outdone, Barry Cox delivered a white new Dodge Viper to a lucky driver. This car is the super-villain’s choice of super car. loud, mean and hard to handle. The Dodge Viper takes no prisoners, and it does not have to. When you have 640 horsepower lurking under the hood of your car…. you call the shots.


Congratulations to the owners of these beautiful machines! We hope they bring you years of envious looks and the occasional traffic violation!

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