The Reward For Surviving the Worst Winter In Memory

For those of you who’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s what you missed over the last 120 days of weather.

First, the ice storm left a good chunk of Toronto with no power, conveniently arriving just before Christmas and effectively ruining the holidays for a couple hundred thousand people by  Then, we had THE SAME EXTREME COLD ALERT for most of January and February. Then, some soulless person coined the phrase “Polar Vortex”. Then, we ran out of salt. Then, the whiteouts caused hundred-car pileups. Then, the airport shut down for days on end (more than one airport, more than once). This is all that will be written about last winter… It is all I can remember without getting hypothermia.

Seriously, at what point does this sick joke end? I am convinced that more snow came down in North America this winter than anywhere else in the world. Ever. Combined. Segue to blue skies and birds chirping…

Last weekend, I confirmed that winter might have won a couple of battles, but I (really, ALL of us) won the war on winter. I pulled my summer car out of storage, slapped on a set of summer tires and burned through a tank of gas in one night. Windows down…sunroof open…tears of joy streaming down my face ( actually happened) . There was no wind chill, no frost warning. Frankly, it was 14C and almost warm enough to be a in a t-shirt. It was a euphoric experience. No police were on the roads, surely they knew the hardships that car nuts had endured and decided to take it easy on us. Between 3rd and 4th gear, and somewhere near 8000 RPM, it came to me: winter is actually over.

I am officially calling on all people to stand up and unite! We have kicked winter’s butt! Put insurance on your summer car! Do an oil service, rotate your tires! We can even get our hands dirty if you don’t want to! RIP DOWN YOUR STREETS AT 6000 RPM! SUMMER CAR SEASON IS HERE! YESSS!!! I really hope you are as excited as I am for the snow to be gone. Stay tuned for a hot summer season of events, cars, bios and humorous stories from your favorite auto bloggers at Auto|One Group!