Auto|One sneak peak at prizes for next weeks event

Many of you have been wondering what to expect for our James Bond event that is taking place next Wednesday October 2nd. We at Auto|One love surprises but hate waiting for them. We were definitely the people who peaked at what was under the Christmas tree the night before. We will provide a brief rundown of what is up for grabs! This is a partial selection, we do not have the time or space to list all prizes.


We will have some lovely ladies hosting our own Casino Royale, complete with poker, blackjack and roulette with all proceeds will be going to charity. Whoever has the most chips at the end of the night will go home with our Sony home theater package. The package includes a deluxe TV stand that will support the massive 50” Sony 3D LED TV, home surround system with subwoofer, Playstation 3 Bundle and every James Bond movie that has been produced. We have a feeling that people will be doubling down in an effort to get more chips!



lots of 007 posters both current and classic


There will be a live auction for some of our larger lots. Available to be won are a Porsche pedal car for the little tyke in your life. A Ferrari electric go cart will be available for your not-so-little tyke.  When you are done spending money on the little tykes you can spend money on yourself. We will also be auctioning off racing chairs, these are the chairs that adorn our showroom, everyone loves them.  We also have a set of Lamborghini rims that have been converted into a coffee table, it looks awesome. It too will be auctioned off.


rare bond memorabilia will be offered at silent auction


The silent auction will have too many prizes to mention! Books from the original Ian Fleming series, this is the man who created James Bond. Movie posters from every James Bond movie will be available for bidding pleasure. We have also procured a collection of Vintage James Bond paraphernalia. This includes classic games, books, trading cards, posters and toys. There will be a Porsche golf package (bag, towel, golf balls) just add your clubs! A Porsche cigar cutter and torch will be available for all the cigar aficionados. Remote control 911 GT3’s are almost as fun as the real thing, we have tested it to be sure, you can bid on it to find out for yourself!


lots of stuff for the Porsche lover 

This event is going to be a blast! We have so much stuff to bid on that we could not mention it in this blog. All proceeds from this are going to the Mikey Network. We want everyone to come help us celebrate all things James Bond, the important work that Mikey Network does and check out some sweet Porsche’s.


See you Wednesday we are going to have a great time!

Auto|One is ready to party! are you?

The name’s Bond… James Bond… Auto|One Group is throwing another party! This time we are celebrating the first 50 years of James Bond. We will be doing this with our good friends at Provinz Porsche Club.


The James Bond franchise has been synonymous with cool cars, femme fatales wicked gadgets, casinos and espionage. At Auto|One Group we love all of these things as well. We wanted to incorporate as many of these things into the event as possible. James bond has always been inclusive (of his women at least) we wanted to be inclusive of our lovely ladies as well- by this we mean cars of course.

In typical Auto|One Group fashion this event will have several cars on display, Some Porsches from Provinz Porsche club, some Aston Martins, odd ball period pieces and even some lesser known bond cars. There will be vehicles for all tastes both allied and villains will have representation. Same goes for the Women, Casino, drinks and prize packs you can bid on.

Speaking of prize packs we will have an auction for some pretty awesome prizes. The laser that can actually split a man in a tuxedo in half? We got it. The secret lair from the movie Octopussy? It is drying out in the wash bay as we write this. The original DB5 that James Bond first drove? We are testing the passenger eject seat….. okay… so we don’t have that stuff. Mainly because it does not exist and not due to a lack of trying.  We will have some great prize packs that you will love- no foolin! Classic Bond memorabilia, film posters and such. There will also be some great stuff for the Porsche lover in your life. Whether you appreciate the original air cooled 911 Porsches or the latter speed daemons there will be swag to bid on and win that you are sure to love.

This event promises to be a great night and all proceeds will be donated to the Mikey Network for cardiac awareness. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a great charity that helps distribute Automatic External Defibrillators and provides training on how to use them. We have one at our office and are big supporters of the cause. This is literally life saving work that happens as a result of Mikey Networks actions. To find out more about this fantastic charity you can visit this link:


Please feel free to come by our showroom for a great time, great food, Martinis and maybe some fun casino royal style. We are located at 150 Oakdale Road, Toronto. Please RSVP: by Wednesday September 25th.


Auto|One Unleashes Raw Talent On Canvas

The Vancouver AUTO ONE Leasing team brought out their artistic side last month.  We took an afternoon off for some creative team building at Raw Canvas in Yaletown, Vancouver (  The event was called the art cohesion program where we chose an image to paint that was then broken down into nine sections to be painted and merged together like a mosaic.   We started with a contest in house to pick an image – congratulations to Mike who had the winner – a 1956 Porsche Speedster.


With paint brushes in hand, frocks and shoe covers on, we all turned into artists for the afternoon.  Our select image was divided amongst the group and the teamwork began.   It all started with a pencil as we worked off one another’s canvases to sketch our outlines and get the lines right.  We collectively select the colours and let our hands do the talking.  Highlights included Pash and her red French beret, Paul and his skill with a palette knife, Colin and his uncanny ability to paint reflective light. 


Lance, our detailer extraordinaire,  proved to be a perfectionist in detail (no pun intended), Cecilia put on her war paint like she was about to go to a Superbowl party and Ralph somehow managed to morph the Porsche Speedster into the People’s Car – a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia!  All in all is was a great team building experience that only enhances the bond amongst our group.  A big shout out to Raw Canvas and their staff for organizing this event.


Be sure to come by our showroom at 8555 Cambie to see the finished Master Piece among our inventory of fine vehicles!



This is a very significant week in the auto industry. The Frankfurt auto show is currently underway in Germany. This is the premier new car auto show for the major German and European auto manufactures. They will be unveiling new products, technologies and body styles at the show. New car shows are one of the best barometers to use to see how the industry is fairing. Europe is in the midst of a tough time. Jobs are down and unemployment is up. This is one of the largest shows in Europe so everyone got a haircut and put on there Sunday best.

The European manufactures by and large did not get the memo about sagging economies in there home markets. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar, etc…are in a race to get a strong foothold in the Chinese market. The emerging middle class in China is hungry for cars, particularly status symbol Audi’s and Mercedes-Benz’s however BMW is quickly catching up in sales and the other luxury car makers are not far behind. Essentially China is becoming the new version of the North American market. Nobody wants to miss out on this because it is a massive opportunity to sell vehicles in an emerging market so the corporate head office can make up for the shortcomings in Europe. This is where the largest concentration of people live in the world. They are just getting the means to afford cars and luxury cars. Manufactures HAVE to take notice and act accordingly. This show was used to highlight cars intended for the Chinese, European and North American markets.

Below are a couple of cars and concept cars that really captured our attention from the show.


The CX-17 promised to be a brutish exotic supercar with wild hybrid technology. Sadly, Jaguar’s parents Tata would not give the green light. They did however, green light the Jaguar SUV that will debut sometime in 2015 (estimated). Many of you are thinking Jaguar SUV’s are called Land Rover and Land Rover cars are called Jaguar. This is not so anymore. The CX-17 SUV (the name formerly given to the concept super car) has done an excellent job in the styling department. Setting it apart from current offerings from BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover. We think if it is marketed and priced accordingly it will be a great hit on our shores. It could be pivotal in Jaguars hopes of regaining a sizable market share.


Why do you tease us Audi!!! The brand introduced a concept car that came from every car nuts dreams and everyone else’s nightmares. The Nanuk concept draws from the old Quattro off-road/rally days. The concept is the same size and layout as an R8 but has air suspension to lift it up for off-road antics. Scissor doors from Lamborghini, carbon ceramic brakes and its latest version of the S-tronic 7 speed transmission. Did we mention that power comes from a DIESEL (!) V10 with almost 550 horsepower and a mind melting, frame twisting 744 foot pounds of torque? Audi says if you’re nice to your highway patrol officers the car will return 30 miles per gallon. Stay tuned for the results of our lawsuit against Audi. They are clearly designing cars based on our collective dreams….


Ferrari must have gotten lots of emails from fan boys and circuit racers alike. The 458 Speciale Is the hard-core variant of the 458 street cars. The Speciale is intended for race use, track days, scaring your passenger into a coma and not general commuting duties. It went on a diet, dropping the weight of the car to 2,849 pounds. This is light but consider this: the car revs freely to 9000 RPM and produced 605 prancing horsepower. This car is wicked fast and has already scorched around several tracks at record speed. It has new technology that senses side slip and adjusts torque automatically at the wheels to keep you from parking in the ditch. The car has more carbon fiber and high end materials than N.A.S.A. knows what to do with. We will be ordering ours in black to try and keep a low profile.

Now that you have read this blog we want you to turn off your computer and go drive something! have fun! It is almost fall and that is the best time of year to go for a nice cruise or attack your favorite local track.


My Friday afternoon started innocently enough. I got home from work early- this is rare considering it is a long weekend. I beat my fiancée home and was settling into the couch with a beer to partake in my dirty habit- no not that. Any car nut will tell you what I was doing. I was scouring Kijiji for deals. I have always been a fan of old school Volvo’s and I need a winter beater so I thought that would be a good place to start: Volvo’s for less than $2,500.00


The first ad I saw was titled the following “1989 Volvo 740 with V8 Engine swap”. In car nut this ad translated to “Bad idea, right here, give me your money!”. For those that don’t know you can swap out the boring Volvo 4 cylinder drive line with a Ford 302 (5.0 liter) pretty easily. With it being rear wheel drive it can be a pretty fast and unassuming car. Automotive greats such as Dave Letterman and Paul Newman have owned them and now, I too can be an automotive great…. Sort of.


The car was for sale in Lindsay Ontario, I emailed the seller to see if I could get more than just some blurry pictures of the outside. I think the seller commissioned every person who has ever taken a picture of big foot to take pictures of his car for the posting. They were all taken from 100 feet back, at night, with the lens cap still on the camera. I however would not be deterred. We exchanged half a dozen emails back and forth where I asked questions like “will it burn rubber?”. Once I was satisfied that this car would appease my right foot I arranged to drive to Lindsay on Sunday and take a look at the car. After agreeing to help a friend move his large and cumbersome couch from the third floor of his walk-up without A/C (something I still regret) he agreed to drive to Lindsay with me to see a Volvo that may or may not exist.


headliners are for suckers

We got to the location where the car was and I was immediately taken aback by the condition of the car. Every single body panel had dents or faded paint, or both. The interior was missing the headliner and some wild animal seemed to have made a home in the car, during the Clinton administration, they must have paid rent because I could still see remnants of it. The headliner had been removed and half of the buttons in the car did not work. To say the car was rough was an understatement. I actually enjoyed the dilapidated state of the car. It means that nobody will suspect it is fast. Also, I find cars that look bad are less likely to be stolen and command a certain amount of respect on the road. “Wow look at that beat up car trying to merge with us! is the trunk actually dented out?!?” As I slide in in front of them…


At this point I was a little skeptical about the road worthiness of the Volvo. I decided to drive it and make it official. The engine started with the familiar roar of an American V8 and not a diminutive European 4 banger. This was a good thing. It also produced enough torque at the low end to chirp the tires (snow tires) as we were leaving the parking lot. Even better! The engine pulled hard and the transmission shifted crisply and the speedometer was a little vague in telling you how fast you are actually going. That was the best part.


this car is so fast it does more than 20 kmph in park.

We rambled back into the deserted parking lot and I pulled my couch hauling friend aside. I told him: “I’m in love with that crap-can”. He replied “um… yeah, the back seat was comfy but my window didn’t work”. It should be noted that his mother taught him “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. I felt the seller out a bit and discovered that his girlfriend had told him that it was pretty well her or the car. I think he wanted to sell. I ended up getting the Swedish American for $1,000.00 and the promise that I would not call him if anything went wrong. I also, quite wisely used the fact that his girlfriend would not appreciate him coming back home with the car. It is a hard car to love if you are not a car nut…


I initially told myself that I would not spend any money on the car other than what was necessary. After driving it home I can pretty well guarantee that I will drop more money into it. After all, you would never expect a beat up Volvo to pass you at a stoplight. Stay tuned to Auto|One Group for updates and progress. Be ready for big power or a big fire… one way or another it will be cool.


Some stats on the car to hold you over.

Horsepower: More than the stock engine ever produced, less than most modern cars

Torque: enough to spin the tires at 2,000 rpm.

Brakes: your kidding, right?

Suspension: bouncy

Steering: it has a steering wheel, yes. It also has a “dead zone” between 11 and 1.

Tires: winter tires that have seen some use, these will be paramount for power slides in winter.

Radio: aftermarket deck, one and a half speakers work.