exotics, delivered.

At Auto|One Group we don’t like to gush, brag, spill beans, or yarn a tale. This week I cannot help but share with you 2 of our deliveries that went out the door.


2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super trofeo Stradale- mouthful of a name for a handful of a car. This car is amazing! For those that don’t know what this car is or represents it is essentially a street legal race car. it is 66 pounds lighter than the Superleggera (superlight) Gallardo and tips the scales at 2,954lbs (dry). This car uses only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. Lamborghini reportedly shares a wind tunnel with a large jet company (seriously!). The car is smothered carbon fiber and other ultra-high end materials such as aluminum, suede, unicorns, rainbows and cat eyelashes (maybe not the last couple.) regardless, this car is 1 of 150 for the world to gawk at, these are some pictures for you to do the same.




McLaren MP4-12:

Wow. Just, wow. This car is a gentle reminder to the world that Britain still knows how to make a supercar. Another car made with rainbows, unicorns and such. This car boasts a carbon fiber frame twin turbo V8 with 616 hp and a 7 speed seamless shift gearbox. The car is topped off with a body that slips through the wind at speeds that would terrify even the most seasoned jet pilots. This car owes much of its roots to Formula 1 racing technologies. for instance: when you hook a corner, the inside rear wheel brakes automatically so you don’t end up in the dirt. It helps you post faster lap times. The McLaren sounds angrier than a hungry bear that has just been denied entry to an all you can eat buffet.




Both cars have gone to caring homes where they will no doubt get the utmost attention and love from there new owners. Congratulations to our own Jack Xiao for flying to Las Vegas to make sure the Lamborghini is the real deal. Jack is also responsible for the Angry British beast of a McLaren that graced our showroom.  Both of these cars were sourced on request for a client. At Auto|One Group we help our customers realize their dreams. Check out our current inventory and see what excites you!


automotive stereotypes/myths debunked!!!

I had someone tell me last weekend that a Porsche Boxster is a “poor man’s Porsche”, people who buy them secretly lust after a 911. I must say that I was rather upset. Not because I have one in the family and it offended me. I was upset because I thought how can anyone call themselves a gear head/ car enthusiast and make such a poor generalization.

Let’s examine 3 popular automotive stereotypes/myths. We can examine the issues, explore the root and put the issues to bed once and for all.

Porsche Boxster/Cayman

Porsche introduced the Boxster in 1996 as a 2 seat alternative to the 911. Where the 911 had a larger price tag and a rear mounted engine, the boxster was cheaper and had its flat-6 engine mounted directly behind the driver. This enabled the design of the Boxster to be more of a roadster than the 911 in fact the name Boxster is a combination of boxer (nickname for a flat motor) and roadster, hence the name BOXSTER.  Its coupe brother the Caymans shares this mid-engine, rear wheel drive layout.

The myth:

The myth behind these cars is that real men drive the 911 and the Boxster/Cayman is a car for your wife/girlfriend to drive. The other myth is the one that caused this blog to be written: the Boxster/Cayman is the Porsche you get when you cannot afford a 911.

The reality:

The 911 has been called “the worst sports car design executed brilliantly”. Yes its lines are iconic and it has been around for 50 years. Yes it is one of the few sports cars you can drive year round. But, if you have driven one at the limit you know how unforgiving a car the 911 is. The rear engine platform means that when the back end slides out it is very hard to correct. Where the 911 falls short in corners the Boxster/ Cayman shines. Its mid-engine platform is optimal for a sports car. The flat motor means it can be mounted lower in the car-thus giving the car a lower center of gravity. This is why the Boxster/ Cayman is the ultimate track machine. Brilliant handling, telepathic steering, ultimate control, with no fear of parking in the bushes at the end of a corner.

Mazda Miata

In production since 1989 the Mazda Miata is a minimalist vehicle that supplies maximum fun. Based on the premise of Italian and British cars of the 1960’s and 1970’s these cars are loads of fun (but unlike the cars they are based on the Miata is reliable). These cars are not about massive power and technical advancement. From the outset you could only get a small inline 4 cylinder. The only electrical nannies are the ones mandated by the government (air bags, ABS, ect..) the original cars had noting and a/c was rare (pretty cool in my opinion) The Miata is the ultimate connection between driver and road. The Miata is a hands on approach to driving. Small, light, basic, rag top, FUN!

The myth:

“the Miata is a chicks car”. Guys who drive them are sissies.

The Reality:

Nothing will ruin your credibility as legitimate car nut faster than subscribing to the above mentioned myth. The Miata is small and tossable, a blast to drive in corners. Race cars are just as much about handling as they are about speed. The Miata is no different, and the cost of smiles is cheap. These cars are cheap to purchase and easy to maintain. It is a track car made street legal and then they chopped the top off for good measure. Anyone who subscribes to the myth that a Miata is a chick’s car has never driven one.

Paddle shift transmissions

In the last decade or so automated transmissions have begun to pop up more and more in our sports cars and super cars… even in our performance sedans. They offer faster, more precise shifting. They are tied into all the other electrical systems in our cars. This means that they work in sync with everything else-suspension, throttle input, differentials, brakes, ect… By surrendering another driving task over to our vehicle overloads we have given cars the ability to make sure we are making the right gear change, at the right time.  .

The Myth:

“bro, you don’t have a clutch?!? It’s not a real sports car”. Automated manuals are slower and less responsive than a manual transmission.

The Reality:

You are not as fast as a machine. I don’t care who you are. Also, you will miss a shift once in a while-don’t act like you’ve never done it. Automated manual transmissions erase driver error and human’s sluggish reaction time. You are also probably grouping automated manuals in the same category as a traditional slush-box automatic transmission. This is incorrect as auto-mated manuals are more technologically advanced than the entire NASA program during the 1960’s, and they put a man on the moon. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and McLaren use them exclusively now and by all accounts Porsche is not far behind. In other words, get on board because this is the future. If you are looking for a purest sports car

Any other automotive stereotypes you want debunked?

We love car people!

Auto|One Group hosted a booth at the Markham Rib fest this weekend. We all had a great time and enjoyed far too much food. The weather was about as predictable as the electronics on a classic British sports car but the weather did not dampen spirits. 


One of the things we like to do at any event we sponsor is set up a tent and display a couple of cool cars. In our tent is  a TV that is hooked up to a Sony PS3 and the game Gran Turismo is always loaded. We also have a Lamborghini wheel coffee table and a keg in our tent that looks like a man cave. We let people sit in our amazing racing seats and play the game for as long as they like. One day we decided to start giving them away as prizes to people who could score the fastest lap time on a racetrack. We were displaying a gorgeous 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG so we decided it should be the car that people have to race on the track.


our setup at Rib-fest

On Saturday Vladimir was in line to win the chairs, he had claimed top time by just over one second. The second place prize was going to be claimed by JB. These two had been battling it out for a couple of hours for fastest lap. Second prize was a keg (this is a keg for drinks or motor oil and definitely not alcohol). Sunday came around and a guy came up to our booth named Rory. Rory’s friend- JB had alerted him to the contest we were running. Rory casually approached us and asked if it was okay for him to take a crack at posting the best lap-time. What ensued was quite funny and remarkable.


Vladimir Watching Rory work his magic on the track

Rory wanted to change all the settings of the controller and all the settings of the car as well (ringer!). Rory had been practicing at home before he came to race. He was hell bent on winning the chairs and claiming best lap time because he did not get up for a solid half hour. When he did it was to recharge the controller and stretch the carpel tunnel from his fingers. News travels fast because shortly there after Vladimir came back to reclaim the title of fastest lap ( the difference in times was less than a second… these guys are good).  Rory and Vladimir went back and forth for an hour or so trading secrets and discussing strategy all while Rory was talking with us. We really got to know him and liked his approach to cars: expensive is not necessary, speed and cornering is.


Rory lost the title of fastest lap and could not stay to re-claim his title because of soccer obligations. We thought both of them showed so much enthusiasm that we should give them both a set of racing chairs. Vladimir took his directly from the show. Rory had to come to our office to pick his chairs up.

Rory is the essence of a car guy. He sees cars for there true beauty, not just there looks. Case in point: We may think nothing of a Toyota MR2 this was an under powered Japanese attempt at a sports car in the 1980’s-1990’s. Rory knows better. He saw a small compact car that is light and has perfect balance from its mid-engine, rear wheel drive layout. He has owned 2 of them. Same year, same colour, total fluke. The first one was a self described butcher hack-job turbo that was what we call a 10 footer. The car looks great from 10 feet back but the closer you get the more things don’t ad up. Misaligned hack-job is how it was described to me. 


The MR2 that survived one hour

I asked  Rory what his most memorable car story was and related this to me: When he was a kid he really wanted a nice handling car that was very tuneable. Honda S2000’s were out of the budget as were all the other expected tuner cars. He opted for the above mentioned Toyota MR2. It was located north of Collingwood. He went to pick up the car with a dealer plate (Rory worked for a car dealership as a gopher at the time) and drove his new pride and joy home. This was to be a short-lived joyous occasion. Not one hour into the ownership of his first car Rory got pulled over by the fuzz.

$5,000.00 for no insurance

$1,000.00 for improper license plate

$500.00 for bald tires

$300.00 tow truck bill.

Car was off the road for 2 years the following day as a result. The car was sold shortly thereafter because insurance was unbelievably expensive. Rory got a second one when insurance premiums came back into the stratosphere. He felt like he was robbed of the first one.


MR2 #2. note the mid engine t-tops and mid 90’s green. I dare you to tell me this car is not clean/awesome.

Rory’s daily driver is a 1993 Ford Escort. It is called the Black Mamba. Yes, you read that correctly.  It has manual windows, no power brakes, no air conditioning, no tape or c.d. player (it might be AM radio only). The steering wheel does not tilt or telescope. Rory’s girlfriend Amanda hates it. I can not blame her for hating the car but a car guy can not be blamed for falling in love with that Escort. The body is in good shape, the lack of options means it is light and the manual transmission gives the driver ultimate control of the road. It even has Perelli tires on it… most people reserve the good tires and lack of creature comforts for there weekend racer but Rory would rather have fun all the time. Rory is a car guy.


the Black Mamba lives!!!

His girlfriend Amanda is a pretty wicked car girl as well. She drives an Acura RSX type S and loves to row her own gears. From talking Amanda it is evident that she likes to kick in her own V-TEC and does not like anyone else sitting in her drivers seat. I have been given strict instructions to let her know when we get a Lamborghini in stock so she can take it for a spin. She loved getting a tour of our facility and our delicious cars as much as Rory did.


Amanda DEMANDS the best parking spot available. don’t touch her car!

When Rory is not working for the devil that prevents me from owning really fast cars (Rory works for an insurance company) he is playing soccer, watching formula 1 with his entire family (even his mother in fanatical about F1!) or dreaming about owning a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Rory is the essence of a car guy. He sees cars for what they really are and has fun with them. He modifies when necessary and leaves them stock when not necessary. He likes to get his hands dirty and do his own work.  We would never have met Rory and Amanda if they had not been alerted to the contest we were running at the Markham Ribfest. We love connecting with other car people and sharing the passion.


We hope you enjoy your chairs Rory!


Man caves.

As far back as the Flintstones (my version of history) man has wanted a family, and a car. Cars are quite accommodating, they let us sit in them, jump in the back seats, eat in them and sleep in them. They are in a sense a traveling living room/kitchen/bedroom/storage room. Our cars are very nice to us in that respect and never tell us to wipe off our feet or not spill ketchup on the seats. Unfortunately, we are not as willing to let our cars into our living rooms. When was the last time you invited your car into the kitchen for a cold one? When was the last time you had you car over for a scotch and chat about world politics and horsepower? The answer is never because cars are not allowed to infiltrate our homes… only our souls, hearts and minds.

Lets talk about your man cave.

The man cave is the happy medium between bringing your car in the house and you spending all your time in your garage. After all, there is no place you would rather be than with your pride and joy- the automotive kind, not the offspring kind. In the past several years I have noticed an increase in Man Caves being created. People-both male and female alike are starting to invest some creative energy and money into there garage/shed/workshop/basement/wherever-your-car-sleeps-at-night.

What defines a man cave? In my opinion it needs some type of vehicle, some car parts littered around the area, a stool or two so you can be comfortable while you talk to your car and a fridge for cold ones. That was the norm for decades. Before man caves were called man caves. Now people are spending more time with their automotive brethren and are sprucing the places up a bit. It is not uncommon to see automotive inspired art hanging on walls, beer fridges shaped like tool chests and old kegs that have been converted into coolers. There are many cool ideas floating around for making a man cave yours. We will explore some of them. These themes are not just limited to a garage space either either.




As you can see the man cave movement has livened up our automotive haciendas and made them more fun to be in. They also act as a conversation piece.

The man cave is just as much about function as it is form though. You need to be able to get around and under your vehicles to do routine maintenance, a 1.5-2 car garage minimum is needed so you are not rubbing the paint off your car. You will need good lighting for when you drop small parts into the abyss that is your engine bay.  ready access to tools and any parts necessary, I recommend good ratchets, screwdrivers, and torque wrenches. If you have a newer car that runs off a similar system to the Hal 9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey than you should probably invest in a digital computer scanner as well. Having internet access is important for times when you genuinely don’t know what you are doing. At this time it is important to convince those around you and yourself that you do in fact know what you are doing. You are simply going online to make sure you have the “right tools” to do the job. Jack stands are nice, an actual car lift will make you the envy of all the other cave men on the block though.

Whats that you say? You have trouble changing a light bulb and just need a place to escape to? Not a problem, the man cave is your oasis from the rigors of life. The Man cave is YOUR SPACE! Only you can go in there and play classic arcade Pac-Man by the light of your neon beer signs. Only you can go play Free Bird on Guitar Hero without need for headphones. Also you have an excellent singing voice…. When your by yourself. The man cave is your space to do as you please. It is your escape from reality and does not solely need to be about cars, we just recommend that is is. And that it has a certain automotive theme.

I have just given you a good rundown of how to setup your man cave for actual wrenching. The decor is up to you. I have merely provided some suggestions. Keep this in mind when setting up your man cave: The cooler the space, the more your friends will want to hang out and help you work on your automotive legend.