the best art subjects in the world

We get lots of complements on our showroom. Auto|One Palladini has one of the nicest showrooms around. That is not a biased comment. Aside from the great inventory we stock one of the main things that grabs people’s attention is our artwork.


Michael Irvine is a renowned Canadian artist with a knack for painting amazing pictures of glorious cars. We have 8 of his pieces in our showroom. Michael’s work is intricate but not overly so. For instance, if you look at the centerpiece of one of these cars you will clearly see another car in the reflection.  This adds a nice touch to his work that is not immediately apparent. He also does a great job of blending in new muscle cars with old ones.  His focus is on “Detroit Iron” so don’t expect to see any imports in his work. We call them continental classics.


At Auto|One Palladini we believe that art is whatever you want it to be. Many of our cars are rolling art. If your spouse will not let you put a car in the bedroom we understand. These beautiful pictures involve far less renovation to hang on a wall than say, a 1969 Camaro.


All of his pieces are available for purchase. Michael Irvine is a Canadian artist; this means that businesses can write off the purchase if you decide his work needs to adorn your office or boardroom.  Come by our office at 150 Oakdale and pick your favorite. If you’ve been good you can pick more than one!


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