50 years of wild cars

This year marks 50 years that Lamborghini has been building some of the most obscene, gorgeous and imaginative cars that exist. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see some of the projects that Lamborghini has boggled our minds with. We cannot explore every car they made because we don’t have time and, let’s face it they were not all “winners”. We will focus on the ones that made an impact. Not the type of impact a really good slice of pie makes after dinner. The type of impact that forces someone to finish school and be really successful just so they can afford one. The type of impact that makes other automotive designers hate their own designs.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was the son of Italian farmers who started his own tractor company. As a wealthy Italian he saw it fitting that he has a collection of these new Italian sports cars everyone was talking about. The problem was Ferruccio Lamborghini was not impressed with the performance, build quality or road handling of his Ferrari’s  He made this known to Enzo Ferrari who essentially challenged him to build a better car, but not in a polite way.

Ferruccio was apparently not a person to be trifled with because he took Enzo up on his challenge and with the help of some outside engineers (some of whom developed the legendary Ferrari 250) went to work to build a 3 liter v12. The first car was the Lamborghini 350 GT. This car made its debut at the Turin auto show in 1963 and shocked the world. It was like nothing else on the road. This is the car that launched Lamborghini onto the world stage as an Italian exotic car manufacture. Built from 1964-1966.

The Miura was essentially sex on wheels. If you can pick your jaw up off the ground and tuck your tongue back in your mouth I will tell you more. This car had the first transverse mounted V12 engine (part of why it is so wide). Don’t think this is a big deal?  This created the recipe for the modern super car. Mid-engine, high horsepower, low slung 2 seats. It was also the fastest car in the world when it was unveiled. A little known fact about the Miura is that Furruccio Lamborghini did not want to produce cars like that. A group of engineers who worked for him created it in their spare time. When they presented it to Furruccio he was livid that they had done this behind his back. When they unveiled it to the world, Lamborghini was left with no alternative but to build the car. built from 1966-1972.

The Miura was replaced by the Countach. This is the car that was on every kid’s wall growing up. This was the car that could never be built today because it seemed to violate so many laws of physics that it practically laughed at them. Parallel parking one is virtually impossible, it involves opening the door and sitting on the door sill to see the passenger back bumper. This is okay because everyone gets to see scissor doors! If you hit a pedestrian in it you would most likely strike them just above the ankles. The car was that low to the ground.  Again, Lamborghini revolutionized the super car. The Countach introduced the wedge shape and forward cabin that became standard issue on so many other followers. This was the most radical car design of the time and quite possibly the most radical design ever. Built from 1974-1990, yes it was made for that long.

This was followed by the Lamborghini Diablo. These cars, like all Lamborghini’s are very wide, very low and very impressive. This was the first Lamborghini to have there nowtrademark all-wheel drive system installed (in the later model cars). You can judge a Lamborghini based on who owned them at the time. This effort was put forth while Lamborghini was operated by Chrysler. The money was flowing, as long as they could justify spending it. This car remained in production from 1990-2001. Unfortunately while the rest of the world got technically mature and savvy Lamborghini continued to build striking cars that were not much fun to drive or maneuver. The Diablo has been referred to as “the 200mph tank”. This was a name that was unfortunately quite fitting as these cars were very hard to handle and control. Produced from 1990-2001.

Volkswagen bought Lamborghini in 1998 and completely revamped operations of the company. No longer were the cars cobbled together by old men with no teeth using hammers in a ramshackle facility. No longer did they suffer from basic fit and finish issues. The electronics systems on the cars even started to work properly thanks to the new German owners.

The first new car to be developed during this time was the Murcielago, it was designed prior to the takeover but Volkswagen oversaw the initial build process. The Murcielago was introduced in 2001 with 572 HP standard all-wheel drive and yes, scissor doors. 2004 brought out the convertible and 2006 brought out the Murcielagoo LP640 with 640 horse power. Built from 2001-2010.

The first Lamborghini V12 developed in conjunction with Volkswagen is the Aventador. This car was built in a wind tunnel that Lamborghini bought in partnership with an airplane manufacture. You know these guys are serious when…… this car keeps the traditional Lamborghini recipe, scissor doors, low, wide, all-wheel drive, V12 with 690 HP but adds to it. The Aventador adds supreme aerodynamics, sophisticated drive and electrical systems and boutique building materials. The car is made up mostly of carbon fiber and other materials that are more sophisticated than your collection of rare ports and cheeses. Built from 2011 onward.

Lamborghini has come a long way from being a tractor manufacture with a hap-hazard car building team. They have been through their share of owners and had their share of setbacks. For all there trouble we thank them. I can’t think of a better car for a child to hang on their bedroom wall. Auto|One Group is always happy to discuss the merits of your favorite bull.

Toronto Classic Auction part 2 (the sequel that is better than the original)

Did you really think that Auto|One Group would not keep you in the loop about the most coveted cars at the Toronto classic car auction?!?! What’s that your saying? You feel left in the dark?

These are the top 5 most expensive purchases at the show:

1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible: You could literally eat off any part of this cars body, interior, engine bay or underneath. This was the highest horsepower corvette available at the time without going totally crazy. 427 cubic inches with 435 horse power by way of “triple twos” this meant the car had three two barrel carburetors. This car had more paperwork than your last tax audit. More awards than the Olympics hand out. More options than your stock portfolio. Sold for $184,800.


1967 corvette 427/435 coupe, in the same condition as the number one car on the list. The only difference is this one had a fixed roof. Sorry, no surfboard sticking out of the passenger seat.  Sold for $154,000.

2006 Bentley Arnage R sedan. The pinnacle of British luxury sport…. Before the Germans came in and changed everything. 6.75 litre twin turbo V8? Check. $30,000 in options all hand crafted and installed? Check? 5,120 pounds of luxury? Check.  615 (!!!)  pounds feet of torque? Check! Ladies and gentleman, I give you number three on our list. Sold! To a newly knighted member of automotive nobility at $99,000.

Number three on the list is this beautiful Meteor Rideau Sunliner convertible. What makes this car so rare and sought after is its unique heritage. Meteor was sold by Ford in the Canadian markets. It notched in above Mercury but below Lincoln (competing with Buick and Chrysler). With less than 500 made originally there are few available today. This one has been treated to a full restoration.  Who doesn’t love a pastel orange land yacht? Boppin’ to the music in a new owner’s garage for $96,800.

Number five of the most expensive cars on the list should be no surprise if you have been following the trend with the first four.  1967 corvette convertible 427/435. This car sold for $87,450. This was a very clean car but not as many options or as high a pedigree as the first car on the list. Still, a great car if the seller wants to let me borrow it for a weekend that would be cool.

Bottom car sold was this 1980 Pontiac Parisienne. One owner car, power everything V8 power. It is everything you could want in a car… for $1,100. The interior of this car has a bright future in a brothel. The rest of the car will be appearing in a demolition derby sometime in the next two years. This car will definitely earn you Christmas cards from OPEC.

Honorable mention. This 1985 Rolls Royce Silver Spur sold for $8,800. I’m serious a Rolls Royce for $8,800! It was actually pretty decent.  You can call your friends and tell them what you bought. When they ask you for a ride through you’re going to have to explain why your car won’t stop, won’t, stop, horn won’t stop honking, lights keep flickering off and on, radio doesn’t turn off, radio doesn’t turn on, wipers are possessed and work on their own free will….. You know anything that comes with owning a luxury British car from before 1997.

Auto|One Group is always happy to sit with you and go over your options when it comes to leasing and financing the classic or near classic of your dreams. We even offer warranties for them!

Toronto spring classic car auction

Auto|One Group was at the semi-annual collector car auction. It is always a great show as there is a wide variety of cars available. This is what sets this car auction apart from all other car auctions around. From high dollar classics, high horse power muscle cars, late model European cars, mid-80’s and 90’s American, to project cars and antiques- it’s all at the show! They usually have a couple of boats and RV’s available as well.

This year they even had a plane for sale. The “Gimli Glider” is perhaps the most famous plane in Canadian history- a story known around the world in aeronautical circles. The Gimli glider is an Air Canada Boeing 767 that ran out of fuel mid-air with a full load of passengers. The pilot was an amateur glider who knew of an abandoned World War 2 landing strip in Gimli Manitoba. In an incredible feat of skill he glided the massive plane to a safe landing at the airstrip- while interrupting the drag race competition that was taking place during that day. Look it up, definitely worth the read!

Sadly the plane did not sell as it only brought $500,000 and is worth far more than that. Auto|One Group would have bought it…. But that would have meant that I would have been out of a job.

It is important to note that this auction seems to be the jump start that everyone needs in the classic car community to wake their cars up from hibernation and get them running. Usually a week or two after the auction is when we start to see more and more cars on the road, and for sale.

We finance, lease and locate all matter of classic cars. Contact us through your favorite electronic fashion for more details. If you like your cars old school than you probably like your conversations the same. We are located at 150 Oakdale road in Toronto and at 8555 Cambie street in Vancouver. Auto|One Group is happy to talk shop, discuss cubic inches chrome bumpers and cars with old school character.

Happy cruising from everyone At Auto|One Group.

Spring Cleanup For The Metal In Your Life

It is that time of year again. The Blue Jays just had their season opener. The Leafs are making a final fight for a playoff position and spring season is wrapping up. What does this mean to us at Auto|One Palladini- the lovers of all vehicles great and small? SPRING!!!

This is the time of year when all our hard work starts to pay off. By hard work we are of course referring to the agonizing winter months of sitting in our summer cars and pretending that we are driving. Whether you imagine yourself attacking a race track like Louis Hamilton or maybe you and a lucky co-pilot were cruising some back country roads on a pristine summer morning with no traffic. You probably did it after dinner and on the weekend. Perhaps your summer car shares a bedroom garage with your daily driver and you happen to glance over at it while getting into the daily driver every morning. All it takes is that split second of imagination between when you get into the daily drive and when you close the door to imagine a heal-toe downshift through a corner on a deserted stretch of road. Don’t pretend you didn’t do it. It is nothing to be ashamed of it is completely natural.

This time of year is a cause for celebration that we survived another winter! Celebrate by bringing Auto|One Palladini your cherished ride for a pre-season wash and wax. Our experts will lovingly clean and massage even the most minute and hard to reach surface on your chariot of metal. Making it feel pampered and loved (you owe it that much after cheating on it with your daily driver all those months). Our detailing staff is the best around. If you want to see for yourself come and see the condition of our inventory. Interior, exterior, rims and tires, trunk and engine bay they get the job done quickly, efficiently and the job they perform is astounding. We have an a la cart menu of options to choose from. You may also want to have us take all the winter grime and salt off your daily driver. Not a problem, we will show your daily driver the same level of love and attention as your weekend chariot.


Spring also represents something new. Change is often in the air. Perhaps you did too many hot laps last season and you need to get new tires? Maybe your car needs to scream just a bit louder? Whatever the case our car bar is your last stop for all the tires and performance parts you need. Why not let Auto|One Palladini source and install the aftermarket options you want? We can help you pick and choose what the best options for you are contact our Car Bar at 416-479-4400 EXT 117

Auto|One Palladini, home of the car people who “get it” (we may or may not have spent time sitting in the showroom doing what you did in the garage).

the best art subjects in the world

We get lots of complements on our showroom. Auto|One Palladini has one of the nicest showrooms around. That is not a biased comment. Aside from the great inventory we stock one of the main things that grabs people’s attention is our artwork.


Michael Irvine is a renowned Canadian artist with a knack for painting amazing pictures of glorious cars. We have 8 of his pieces in our showroom. Michael’s work is intricate but not overly so. For instance, if you look at the centerpiece of one of these cars you will clearly see another car in the reflection.  This adds a nice touch to his work that is not immediately apparent. He also does a great job of blending in new muscle cars with old ones.  His focus is on “Detroit Iron” so don’t expect to see any imports in his work. We call them continental classics.


At Auto|One Palladini we believe that art is whatever you want it to be. Many of our cars are rolling art. If your spouse will not let you put a car in the bedroom we understand. These beautiful pictures involve far less renovation to hang on a wall than say, a 1969 Camaro.


All of his pieces are available for purchase. Michael Irvine is a Canadian artist; this means that businesses can write off the purchase if you decide his work needs to adorn your office or boardroom.  Come by our office at 150 Oakdale and pick your favorite. If you’ve been good you can pick more than one!