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A 1983 Delorean. Yes- That car from Back To The Future. No – does not have a Flux Capasitor… Your wildest automotive dreams are just a conversation and a handshake away from being a reality at Auto|One Palladini.

I know what you are thinking. You were not doubt imagining yourself as a young Michael J Fox trying to save himself (in the future of course) and helping his dad hatch out of his nerdy goofy shell. Yes that bully Biff learned a valuable lesson. All while wearing a sweet denim jacket and self-lacing shoes. Or, maybe you’re a bit older and more mature and think of yourself as Doc Emmett Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd). Yes you are eccentric enough to pull off mad-scientist.

Either way, we don’t judge. We are car people. We are just happy that someone is enjoying one of the most storied cars in automotive history. Look up the background. John Delorean was an automotive genus and very sharp business man. John was one of more colourful businessmen that were at the top of his game when Detroit was peaking and then starting to slide, the mid to late 1960’s. his work includes perfecting the Ultramatic transmission at Packard before going to GM. At General Motors he created GTO for Pontiac. He is often credited with turning Pontiac around from being an old lady brand into General Motor’s performance brand. Among his other accolades are being one of the youngest to ever head a brand division at GM and, he still holds lots of patents that are still relevant today.  The waters get murky when he went solo and tried to start his own brand of futuristic car. I will leave that for you to enjoy on your own time. (Spoiler alert, FBI Informants!!!!)

Regardless of whether you are an automotive enthusiast or a movie buff we are just happy to accommodate people. We love helping get automotive history rolling down the road, literally. This Delorean illustrates that passion and bond that Auto|One Palladini forges with customers on a daily basis.


helping global cars find local homes

At Auto|One Palladini we cater to you, the customer. Our job is interesting because sometimes we get car nuts as customers. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to products they buy and support: Some people like Starbucks coffee, some prefer Tim Horton’s. Some people like. Dell computers and some like Apple.

Car nuts are no different. We all have our own unique tastes and styles. We cater to those unique tastes and styles. Recently a customer approached Auto|One Palladini about getting a Land Rover Defender. For those of you who don’t know these are some of the toughest vehicles in the world. You can find them all over the African continent, south Americas and in Europe. Usually thriving in conditions that we wold call wretched, unholy and filthy- and that is on a good day. These are conditions perfectly suited to this British adventure vehicle.


Unfortunately the Land Rover Defender was banned in the North American continent in 1998 because they could not comply with our strict airbag laws or side impact standards. To sum it up: These vehicles were banned from our roads for being too tough for the general public to handle. The issues that got the Defender banned are minor issues that I feel are not relevant if the driver is educated and aware of their surroundings- a story for another time.

Our customer Dwayne alerted us to a possible match for his next automotive romance. We checked out the vehicle, made sure it was clean, proper, faithful and a good deal. Upon completion of our inspection we determined that the 1994 Land Rover Defender would be a good automotive companion for Dwayne.


I spoke to Dwayne about his new purchase. This vehicle will sit next to his 1979 Porsche 930 turbo, 1974 Triumph TR6, 1988 BMW M6 and 1971 BMW 3.0CS. The Defender who has been named affectionately named “Nigel”. It will be used for off road adventures, towing, winter driving and hauling Dwayne’s Great Dane around.

Dwayne is one of those car guys who believe that no collection is ever complete and they need to be driven.

The choice to get this particular Defender has a lot to do with fact that he lives in Canada. In Canada you can import almost any vehicle from Europe that is 15 years old or older. In the United States you have to wait until 20 years. While Dwayne could have gotten a newer defender that was local he chose this one originally from Spain because it has the diesel motor. The North American Defenders did not get these motors and fuel consumption is a concern.


Auto|One Palladini is always happy to help you scratch that automotive itch. Cars from all over the world cross our showroom floor to find new owners. Sometimes it is easier to refer to us as match makers and not sales reps. If you don’t believe us just ask Dwayne. He will tell you how caring we are and never judge based on engine size, body style, horsepower, country of origin or overall condition.

Corvette, surprise! (not what you think)

At Auto|One Palladini we specialize in helping people get into the car that best meets their needs and the payments that work best. A by-product of this process is that often times we learn a great deal about the customer, their job and family.


Recently we delivered a gorgeous 2005 Corvette to a great guy named Conrad. Conrad was purchasing this car as a toy for himself. He told me he would probably drive it only 6,000kms per year and in the summer months only. Mostly Sunday cruises with his wife or his car savvy 18 month old son who is by all accounts is an aspiring gearhead (he loves the sound of the engine). The deal was finalized on a Wednesday with the stipulation that the car was subject to a pre-purchase inspection on the following Wednesday. As usual we chatted via email prior to the pre-purchase inspection to make sure that everything was okay.  Winter is a sketchy time to drive a rear wheel drive sports car in the streets. Snow, salt, slush or in Toronto’s case rain can ruin plans for a cruise almost instantly. On Wednesday the weather looked great so we met at the predetermined shop to do the inspection.


While the car was having the inspection done Conrad told me about how this car was a gift to himself and he was so excited to enjoy it in the summer….his face lit up as he spoke about the long drives together………..then


His wife had taken their son shopping on the Sunday before the inspection and come home with a t-shirt for their 18 month old . She showed the shirt to Conrad and said “what do you think?” Conrad looked at the t- shirt and was immediately puzzled. The t-shirt said: “super big bro”. Conrad said; It’s nice but was it on sale? We only have one child”. This was Conrad’s wife’s way of saying that they were having another child. Conrad told me that one of his first thoughts was “oh no! I just put a deposit on a sports car and now I am going to be a dad again!” This left me with a pit in his stomach. Is this Conrad’s way of saying he now can’t commit to the car? For reference: if there is ever a valid excuse for going back on a deal for a high performance sports car, THIS IS IT!!!. Once the inspection was completed and the car got a clean bill of health it was time for the test drive.


Leading up to this t Conrad had been a champ. He hadn’t backed out on the acquisition and was still committed to the deal but, sometimes a drive is needed to put things into perspective. We went for a drive on city streets and the highway. 436 horsepower to the rear wheels, manual transmission, Borla exhaust on an American classic…. All these are sublime distractions from the pressures of parenthood- especially at 5,400 rpm. Conrad brought the car back turned it off and immediately asked “when can I take delivery”. Conrad is clearly a gem and a car guy.


Several days later he came to Auto|One Palladini with his wife and son to see the car. His son loved the showroom and the sound of the Corvette. They say that behind good man is a better woman. Conrad’s wife is an amazing woman. I congratulation her on the new addition to the family (and the baby) and asked her how she felt about her husband getting a Corvette? She loved the car and was very excited about the new automotive addition to the family as well.


Happy endings are what it is all about. Auto|One Palladini once again demonstrated how it’s not about selling cars but building relationships.  Conrad got a his car fantasy and the. Conrad’s wife ( I would use her name here) got  the ultimate “remember-when-we-were-pregnant-and-you-got-a-corvette” card. Conrad’s son gets to ride shot-gun (he might be too young for that – we need to show we are aware of the rules!!!!)  in an American classic.


Adding new members to the family is always a good thing………… cars, children, pets or cars… we love them all.



UPDATE!!! Conrad’s wife played the “remember-when-we-were-pregnant-and-you-got-a-corvette card.” We have it on good authority that Conrad is in the midst of a walk-in closet renovation. For his wife…..and the Corvette!!!!!!



how to acquire garage art Auto One Palladini style

We recently had the idea of mounting a classic car on our wall at Auto One Palladini. We wanted something with fins, chrome, sweeping lines and classic appeal. We also wanted something that looked like it had been around the block a couple of times. I took it upon myself to search the local classifieds for such a beast. In my searching I found a 1960 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door Hardtop that had already been cut down the passenger side and was previously mounted in a bar. The perfect car had been found and the necessary plastic surgery had already been performed. Having been previously mounted in a bar I could only imagine the charm that oozed from the graceful lines of Chryslers full-sized family hauler from an era where plastic didn’t exist. Just one more issue to resolve. Can I buy it? I called the seller who had a great southern drawl. “YESSIR SHES STILL FER SALE AND ‘ROWND  BACK OF THE SHED.

I should have checked the location of the ad before I replied. West Virginia is where the sliver of a Chrysler was located. I think everyone has at one time or another seen the movie deliverance and been petrified about winding up in an area like that. I am a different sort of city slicker. I grew up going to North Carolina in the summers, Virginia and have been to New Orleans several times. I am well trained in the ways of southern country hospitality. I explained that I was calling all the way from Canada!” and that I would bring a van to come pick up the parts Ray or “Huleio” as he was known in the town said he would hold the car for me and take me for my word that I would pick it up in a week’s time. I told him that he was too kind and would be rewarded with real maple syrup. A cliché I know but, he seemed really excited to try some.

Any car fan will agree that sometimes getting out on the open road and going for an extended drive is a much needed change. There is something quite soothing about driving on rural highways at your own pace while appreciating Zeppelin 1 on the radio. The wide open country and fresh country air are a welcome change to the rigors of hectic city living, and the agony that is commuting. Any classic car fan will appreciate gambling time, money, pride and safety to travel to some back-wood property in the middle of nowhere to visit only the finest procurer of classic Chrysler passenger sides in mid-America. I have a co-worker who is like myself a car guy and generally shares the same music interests as me. He is also an apprentice mechanic (if we break down in the woods he can save me). I had found my partner in crime.

We left at 5:30 in the morning with the following: passports, some water, A permission slip from Auto One Palladini, money to pay Huleio, Maple Syrup and the entire Led Zeppelin discography. We made great time through Ontario and New York State. Pennsylvania is where you start to get into the foothills of the mountain ranges the territory is breathtaking. Long hills up are rewarded with beautiful sweeping vistas of not-quite-snow-covered farm land and meadows. The valleys take you into densely wooded areas. West Virginia is more the same as Pennsylvania but with no snow. The exposed golden brown hills and valleys reminded me of a fall wheat harvest on the prairies. You cannot travel as quickly through West Virginia and Pennsylvania because the blind corners and hills slow you down and the scenery is amazing.

country side

To get to Huleio’s house you have to first travel a long winding road with downed tree branches resting on power lines and many rusted out cars that seemed to have been left where they were at the exact moment they decided to stop running. If this is not a sign of a laid back community, I don’t know what is. As if out of a movie, Hulios house is located on a narrow dirt road up a hill in a treed area. Based on his collection I would wager that Huleio loves both vehicles and dogs. He seemed to have many of each. Of note: 1984 ford F-150 with 500,000 (!) miles, a ford bronco from the Regan era, a chocolate coloured Great Dane, 1961 Dodge Phoenix, Alaskan Malamute, 1982 Cadillac hearse (license plate was CADI AVR) and a dachshund.  There were more cars, trucks, dogs and motorcycles but I was in sensory overload as it was so I focused on the task at hand. Huleio explained how a famous quarterback had owned the bar where the car was and when the bar was sold to be made into a mini-mall he went in and “liberated” the Chrysler. He was also telling me about how he went to Toronto in the early 1990s with his wife in his Ford Bronco to see “that phantom of the Opera Play”. He didn’t ask me if I knew “that guy Doug” from Canada, nor did he ask if we live in igloos.

We loaded the one sixth of a car in the back of the van and tied everything down while casually talking about weather trends, Canadian tobacco, how Huleio had once tried to make moonshine but couldn’t “quite get it right”, cars, dogs and Huleio’s bad back….. Then Huleio seemed to remember he had something else for us…. He went into the shed and brought out a bottle in a paper bag….. moonshine?….. MOONSHINE! Huleio told us that it was a gift for us and we were welcome to take it back to Canada if we thought we could get it across the border.


I am a man of strict morals. One does not simply say “no thanks” to free liquor. Especially if it is moonshine, something that you just don’t get offered every day. I reasoned that a Customs officer would be sympathetic towards my situation too. I also should mention felt like Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard for a fleeting second. I had to get the moonshine to Auto One Palladini. Then I remembered that instead of the General Lee we had a Ford Econoline.

We looked pretty funny driving back to Canada that afternoon. Anyone who could see into the back of our van would see the passenger side of a 1960 Chrysler in the back window. Looking in the front windows you could see what looked to be a metal divider between the passenger and driver. This was actually the front passenger door and window from the Chrysler sticking up 4 feet. We got to the Canadian border sometime around Zeppelin live in new York (we had long since exhausted all studio albums). The customs officer took our passports and asked a couple of questions about why we were in the USA prior to her actually looking at us. As soon as she saw a car door standing up right and a tale light in the back window she waved us through and no doubt thought to herself “poor saps”.

car in van

The trip was a huge success. We got a great piece of American nostalgia, met some amazing characters, got moonshine and came home safe and sound. I hope we decide to get some more classic car parts because I know where I am going to get them……..